5 Steps to Have a Pedicure Station of your Own

Pedicure is considered as a relaxing pastime and at the same time can help in improving one’s feet appearance. While having pedicure, our feet should be placed on a stool at an angle of 45 degrees for us to be comfortable. To have a pedicure station we need the following: (1) pedicure chairs; (2) platform; (3) pedicure instruments and supplies; and (4) cart to place the pedicure accessories. Here is how you can build a pedicure station from these materials.

Step # 1- Buying a Pedicure Chair

Each pedicure station requires a relaxing chair. You can choose a chair with plumbing to provide pedicure services easier. If your chair doesn’t have plumbing, you will need a large foot bath for every chair. This costs you less.

Step # 2 – The Need for an Elevated Platform

Put the pedicure chairs in a separate location where there is an elevated platform. This will become your pedicure station. Usually the platform is 6 inches tall and is large enough to accommodate the chairs and the footbath in front of it. In this case the pedicure specialist can work easier.

Step # 3 – The Pedicure Cart

Purchase also a movable pedicure cart that has drawers or shelves in it. You need separate spaces to put your instruments and supplies like clippers, nail polish, nail files, nail polish remover, nail hardener, cuticle softener, scissors and lotion. You can arrange them according to when they are used in the pedicure. You can arrange the items in the drawers according to how you need them (from most important to least important ones). This will let you work systematically. You don’t need to get up every time you need an item. It is also important that you have place to store these items when they are not in use.

Step # 4 – Create a Relaxing Atmosphere

Make the ambiance of the pedicure station very relaxing for both the customer and the pedicure specialist as well. Since people have different interests, you can decorate the place with relaxing color schemes, you can put scented candles and privacy plants, or play soft music. In this way, the customer can rest comfortably while having their toenails trimmed and polished.

Step # 5: Consider Customer Needs

Having pedicures cannot only pamper and raise your spirits but also relieve your aching feet at the same time. The development of the pedicure station depends on the necessity of the customer for the support of her foot. It is either to hold up or rest her foot whichever position is favorable during the process. Therefore the pedicure station should provide equipment that is convenient enough for positioning the foot of the customer. The development should satisfy each customer.

After the pedicure is finished, the nail polish applied to the customer’s toes is still wet and for that reason she cannot still wear her shoes. One thing more she cannot freely move around because of her wet nail polish, that’s the reason why she needs a comfortable place to stay. She needs a place where to lay down her feet to avoid rubbing off her toe nail polish on the carpet. The pedicure station should have all the services ready for the convenience for all its clients.

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