5 Steps to do Fingernails Painting Using Airbrush

Airbrushed nails are in, with variety of designs and styles reflecting the seasons, personal tastes and the latest trends. The salon charges a pretty hefty amount for airbrush, but doing it all by yourself is not that difficult. For sure you can save money and if you do it on a regular basis, you will then recover the amount you spent for buying in the supplies. Here are the things you may need to learn airbrush fingernail painting: nail paint colors; nail polish base coat; nail polish background color; nail polish topcoat; nail polish remover; nail stencils; and airbrush pen and compressor.

Step # 1: Apply nail polish base coat to your nails and let it dry thoroughly.

Remember to use a base coat that evens out ridges and imperfections in your nails. This will help create a flawless appearance.

Step # 2: Use a variety of background colors.

Apply two coats of background color to your nails. Let them dry thoroughly before doing airbrush fingernail painting.

Step # 3 Begin the airbrush fingernail painting job.

First attach the airbrush pen to the air compressor then fill the color cup with nail paint of your desired color. You can now place the nail stencil over your nails and begin painting using the airbrush pen. To make an even application, keep a slow and constant motion and don’t stop moving your hand while painting. Remove the nail stencil and wait for the airbrushed design to dry completely before going to the next step.

Step # 4: Use clear nail polish.

After the airbrush design is completely dry, apply 2 coats of clear nail polish top coated over your airbrushed design. This will not only add shine to your nails but also protect them. Lastly, clean over-spray by using nail polish remover then allow your nails to dry thoroughly before using your nails normally.

Step 5: See if you can paint fingernails like professionals and earn from it.

If you are interested in making the field of nail technology which includes airbrushing, you can follow these ways to learn more about the industry: You can check online or go to your local area for nail and manicuring schools. You can enroll in a nail technician college program. Buy introductory nail art books with topics like airbrushing for nails, nail art, fingernail airbrushing techniques and fingernails stenciling. You can order through online retailers.

If you wish, you can purchase an instructional DVD. You can watch and learn at your own time, take down notes about airbrush information, accessories, techniques, spray patterns, stencils and maintenance, all from the comfort in your own living room. Engage or join in a nail technician, beauty or cosmetology trade industry association. Such organizations offer educational seminars, host annual conferences and have local chapters where you can contact to seek out mentor. They also had a list of their members.

These are ways by which you can learn airbrush fingernail painting technique. It may cost you some amount but it is well worth it once you engage in this type of trade as a professional.

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