3 Easy Steps to Polish your Toenails Like a Professional

How to Polish your Toes Neatly

Some people get a hard time in polishing the nails of their own toes. If you are one having troubles about doing this job then read the following method that we are going to discuss here. For sure this will make you an easier way to polish your toenails the next time you’re going to perform this job. Here are the things you need that can help you polish your toes neatly: good toe nail polish; toe nail clippers; good nail file; foam toe separators; toe polish remover; cotton balls; undercoat nail polish; and quick dry top coat.

Step # 1 – Removal of Nail Polish and Applying an Undercoat

Of course the first thing you will usually do is to remove any remaining nail polish that was previously applied. This can be done using a cotton ball that was damped into a nail polish remover. After removing the polish, you can now trim your toenails to about the length you wanted them to be. File the toenails to make them smooth.

Now, using the foam toe separators, separate your toes as you prepare them for polishing. You can now apply an undercoat on your nails. The use of undercoat or a primer is recommended because it can help smooth out rough surfaces and cause the nail polish to adhere better into the nails. Allow the undercoat to dry for about 15 minutes before applying nail polish.

Step # 2 – Applying Nail Polish

After the undercoat had been dry, you can now apply the nail polish. Be sure you have chosen a good nail polish for your toes. Choose a color that matches with your skin or your outfit. You can start applying the polish at the center of the nail, painting a wide strip down to the middle of your toe. Next is painting from the center to the left and then from the center again to the right. Make sure you completely cover the entire nail of your toe. Repeat the procedure on your other toenails.

Step # 3 – Applying the Topcoat, Drying and Showering

Let the nail polish dry for about 10 minutes before applying a quick dry topcoat. Put quick dry topcoat to each and every nail. Allow topcoat dry for about 5 minutes. After which you can get into the shower. Thru shower any stray polish left on the edges on your toes will be washed right down the drain. Don’t you find this a nice and neat trick that makes you have that perfectly polished toenails?

You can of course consider other tips to polish your toes neatly. Here are some of them. Use acetone remover to get rid of any excess oils left on the nails. Do not paint the cuticle. Choose a good nail polish that coats quickly and tends to dry faster. You can paint any polish remaining on the brush on the front nail edge. This can prevent chipping. Treat your feet if necessary. Use a foot file to remove rough skin and apply moisturizer as well.

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