7 Tips on How to Know about Pedicure Bowls and Their Essence to Pedicures

A pedicure bowl is used to soak the feet during a pedicure. It is a watertight container which is filled with water and some essential oils and bath salts are added to the water to soften and relax the feet. Pedicure bowls are often used in professional salons and can even be used in the privacy of your home. Read this article and let yourself know more about pedicure bowls.

Tip #1: Know Its Different Types

The shape of these pedicure bowls are usually round or square. The bowls are made from a wide array of materials like plastic, fiberglass, resin, copper, stainless steel or wood. Pedicure bowls can also be handcrafted using various designs and textures that plastic can’t give. They don’t come as cheap as the usual plain water holding pedicure tubs. But you need to pay for the added elegance.

Tip #2: Know its Benefits

The benefit of using these pedicure bowls is that they are more sanitary than using foot spas because they don’t circulate water or use filters that can trap and spread fungus and bacteria. After every use, they discard the water in the pedicure bowl and they sanitize the bowl before using it again. Another thing is that these pedicure bowls are lightweight, portable and easy to store.

Tip #3: Know the Different Sizes Available

The size of a regular pedicure bowl is 18-20 inches wide and is 8 inches deep. This size can accommodate feet size that is up to size 14 to rest comfortably inside the bowl.

Tip #4: Know Some Add-Ons to It

Many pedicure bowls are marketed because of their elegant type, beauty and sophistication instead of gadgetry. There are also some bowls that come with carrying cases which are suited most for professionals who are called for home services.

Tip #5: Know How to Use It

Prepare the following things that you need like a flat-bottom bowl, warm water, 1 teaspoon olive oil, aromatherapy oils, and bath salts. Remove previous nail polish using nail polish remover then clean your toenails. You also need to clip and file them. Fill in your pedicure bowl with enough warm water until it reaches your ankles. Add your moisturizing oil and aromatherapy oil of your choice into the water. This can help condition your and soothe your feet.

Tip #6: Know How to Soak Your Feet on It

Now, you can sit in a comfortable chair and just relax as you immerse your feet into the pedicure bowl. Let it stay for 10-20 minutes. If you have dry, calloused and cracked feet, you need to soak your feet longer in the pedicure bowl. Pat your feet dry with a soft towel and slather with some moisturizing lotion while your feet are still damp.

Tip #7: Know What Else You Need When Using Pedicure Bowls

A few drops of tea tree oil can help prevent and treat itchiness and athlete’s foot. Adding a quarter cup of milk can help loosen dead skin. Rosemary, eucalyptus, menthol and jojoba are examples of aromatic, cleansing and therapeutic essential oils that can be placed in pedicure bowls.

After reading the tips above, you have learned how essential pedicure bowls are when you are doing your pedicures. They can be quite an additional expense on your part but they are worth trying.

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