How to Wear White Toe Nail Polish

7 Tips to Wear that Nail Polish Color

A white toe nail polish looks great during summer. Some formulas are difficult to apply because the thick shades are droopy and sticky. Here are some tips that can help you apply and wear white toe nail polish or pedicure.

Tip # 1: Prepare the materials you need.

Be sure you have the following such as white nail polish, gloss, nail file, nail polish remover and cotton swabs.

Tip # 2: Prepare nails.

Like in any manicure and pedicure procedures, you should begin with cleaning the nails. Be sure to thoroughly clean them because white nail polish can’t hide unclean nails like colored nail polish does. Nails must be well clean and well filed as well.

Tip # 3: Apply clear base coat.

Apply a clear base coat as you usually do. This clear base coat is needed for a smooth application of the white polish. Try to apply evenly because if white polish falls into cracks and irregularities, this can be noticeable than in darker color nail polish.

Tip # 4: Apply the white polish

Wait for the base coat to dry completely for at least 5 minutes before applying the white nail polish. Begin by applying a single stroke to the center of the toe nails. Then fill in the corners of the nail with less polish on the polish brush by tapping its tip on the polish bottle. This is to avoid dripping of the nail polish when sides are filled in.

Tip # 5: Apply the 2nd and 3rd coat.

One layer of white nail polish tends to appear uneven so you need to apply a second and even a third coat. Let the first coat dry first before applying the second coat and allow the second coat to dry before putting a third coat. This should be done to achieve a smooth finish.

Tip # 6: Use cotton swab.

Have a cotton swab always ready for every coat. Dip it lightly into a nail polish remover to wipe off any polish that goes on the skin when applying the white polish. Be attentive to remove any polish that settles into the skin since white paint is very noticeable. Try to wipe it off quickly from the skin.

Tip # 7: Apply the clear nail polish.

Lastly, apply clear nail polish on nails if the white polish is already dry. This clear gloss will not only makes your white polish look shinier but keeps it long lasting. But this clear gloss polish can cause messiness if applied on wet nails so be sure to apply over a dry white nail polish.

Most women want their white toe nail polish to be done by a professional nail technician rather than applying at home themselves.  It is because this white nail polish contains some pigments that cause the white nail polish to apply unevenly. Plus the procedure may seem so complicated especially for first-timers.

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