6 Steps on How to trim Toddler’s Toenails

It is very important to trim your child’s toenails so as to prevent foot problems. It also helps prevent the child’s nails from cracking and splitting as well as prevent bacteria in accumulating underneath their nails. Most children feel nervous when cutting toddler’s toenails and when they are aware of that time when cutting their nails come they feel so upset.

So as to make this time easier and less stressful for your child, you must soften their nails and try to hold their foot in a way that they cannot see their feet when you are cutting their toenails. You will need some to trim toddler’s toenails.

Step #1: Softening the Nails

Pour 1 tsp of baby shampoo in a bowl filled with lukewarm water. Mix thoroughly with your finger. So as to soften your child’s nails, soak your toddler’s feet in the soapy water for about 5 minutes. This will make the toenails soft and allow them to be trimmed without splitting.

Step #2: Removing Dirt from Your Toddler’s Toenails

Use a baby brush to scrub your child’s feet and toes to remove dirt or debris on it. Using a soft towel, dry your toddler’s feet and toes well.

Step #3: Trimming The Toenails

It’s now time to trim your toddler’s nail. Hold the big toe in a way that the toenail is facing away from you. With the use of a toenail clipper, clip the end of the toenails but be sure that there is no skin to be clipped. Do not cut the nail down to the nail bed. Leave a small length of nail that will protect the toe bed.

Step #4: Positioning the Toenails

Follow the same steps in trimming all the toenails on both feet. Try to position the toes in a way that it is facing away from your child to prevent her from looking at what you are doing so that she won’t get nervous about the toenail clipping process.

Step #5: Preventing Ingrown Toenails in Toddlers

It is very necessary to cut the toenails properly to avoid ingrown toenail which is a very common painful foot problem. This is usually the cause of not cutting the toenails straight across or cutting the nails too short. To avoid this problem you must follow the proper way of trimming the toenails.

Trim the toenails just after taking a bath or soak them first before cutting to avoid breaking the nail. Do not cut the nails too short. You must cut the toenails straight across. Rounding toenails will cause ingrown toenails and other foot problems. Try to file the corners to keep them from being sharp and catching on objects. But don’t file too much since it will cause the nail to curve down into the toe which is very painful. To combat dry skin around the toenails and on the feet, massage a small amount of baby oil around each toenail and put some lotion or cream to the rest of each foot.

These are basically 5 steps to follow when trimming a toddler’s toenails. You should always consider steps that will not hurt your child or make him feel frightened.

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