How to Remove Nail Polish Stains

Stains caused by a finger nail polish needs a hands-on approach. It’s really frustrating once it has stained any surface in your house or your clothing. Anyway, if you have available common household items and you know what to do, you can easily work them out. The following are some proven ways to remove nail polish stains.

Tip # 1: Removing Fresh or Wet Nail Polish Stains

Wet nail polish stains should be given attention immediately. Never wait for them to dry! Dry the polish stain with a clean and dry paper towel. Do not rub. Dip a clean paper towel in non-acetone nail polish remover and dab the stain. Continue on dabbing until it’s entirely removed or until it no longer lifts.

Tip # 2: Removing Dried Nail Polish Stains

This method should be tested first on a hidden area to make sure that they don’t cause any damage or discolor the fabric.

Tip # 3: Removing Nail Polish Stain from Cloth

For Leather and Suedes: Use a non-serrated butter knife or spoon to scrape up any excess from the surface. You can now rub the stain with a gum eraser. If using a gum eraser fails, try using an emery board. If that also fails, make use of fine-grade sandpaper.

For Vinyl: Nail polish usually destroys these materials. Even if you can remove the stain, it will leave discoloration. Scrape any excess from the surface with the use of spoon or non-serrated butter knife. Dip a clean paper towel in acetate and dab the stained area. Rinse well with water when the stain stops fading.

Tip # 4: Removing Nail Polish Using other Materials

Hair Spray: You can use spatula to scrape up excess from the surface. With the use of hair spray, saturate the dried nail polish leaving it for few minutes. After which, you scrub the stain with a soft bristled toothbrush until the stain is removed.  Try to blot as much as you can. Put a spot cleaner on the remaining stain and wash it.

Oxyclean: After the usual scraping of the excess from the surface, put a mix oxyclean paste to cover the stain. Let it stay for 10 minutes. Scrub the stain with a soft-bristled toothbrush to remove it. Re-saturate the stain and allow it to dry. Wash the item normally.

Acetone: Scrape up any excess from the surface using spatula. Saturate the area with an acetone and leave it for a few minutes. Dab the affected area with a dry paper towel or a clean, dry white cloth. If the stain no longer lifts, put the fabric under the faucet and flush cold water through the back side of the stain. Saturate with acetone again and repeat the method until the stain is gone.

There are indeed different techniques and materials you can make use of to remove nail polish stains on various areas. The wise thing to take note in here is to do things properly so as not to aggravate the marks on these surfaces.

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