How to Remove Acrylic Nails Safely

Acrylic nails or commonly known as fake nails are attached to natural nails using special glue. Women go to the salon for this application to make their nails look beautiful. Although acrylic nails are said to be safe, this can cause problems if they are not properly placed or removed by your nail technician. Since acrylic nails are placed on top of the real nail there is a risk of having the natural nail become infected. You have to give proper nail care at once to avoid fungus grow under the acrylic. Here are tips to consider when you want to remove acrylic nails safely.

Step # 1: Consider the importance of removing acrylic nails.

The removal of acrylic nail is as important as the placement. This should be done by your professional nail technician also. But if you cannot go to the salon, you can do it at home using an acetone. Follow the procedures below to remove your acrylic nails with the use of acetone. The method is quite easy and you’ll find out your fingernails will be free from the acrylic in no time. Just prepare acetone, cotton balls, orange nail stick, moisturizer and an aluminum foil or plastic wrap.

Step # 2: Prepare the nails.

Trim the acrylic nails as short as you can without injuring the skin and the natural nails. Using either an aluminum foil or a plastic wrap cut 10 small squares enough to cover the tips of the fingers.

Step # 3: Use cotton ball.

Soak a cotton ball in the acetone before placing it on top of the nail then wrap the cotton ball with the plastic wrap to secure them in place. Do this procedure with all the nails leaving them for 20 minutes.

Step # 4: Remove the wraps.

After 20 minutes, you may now remove the wraps. Using the orange stick gently push the acrylic off of the nail. In some cases that the acrylic nail can’t be removed easily, re-soak the cotton ball and re-wrap the nail for only a few minutes more.

Step # 5: Wash your hands.

After all the acrylic nails have been removed, wash your hands with soapy water and apply moisturizer to the nails and surrounding skin. It is necessary to do this to re-hydrate the nails because acetone can dry out nails and cause them to brittle.

Step # 6: Moisturize hands and nails.

In some cases, you can remove acrylic nails by applying petroleum jelly to coat the surrounding skin of the nails and then dip the fingers in a bowl that contains nail polish remover. Wait until the glue that attaches the acrylic nails to the natural nails dissolves. After the glue had dissolved completely, you are free to remove the acrylic nails without hurting your natural nails. If you cannot get out the fake nails properly, you can dip your fingers back into the nail polish and scrape them out using an orange wood stick. Do not force the fake nails to peel off because this can damage your real nails. Moisturize nails and surrounding skin to recover moisture loss. Do this for at least 3 times a day to have healthy and beautiful nails.

It is important to remove acrylic nails safely by following the steps mentioned herein. The process may be quite complex but as you go along, you will realize it is fun and easy to do.

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