How to Remove Acrylic from Fingertips

Acrylic nails give our hands a well polished and a professional look. These are advisable especially to those who are nail biters and those who have weak nails. But sometimes, if not removed properly, they damage the natural nails. If you have grown tired of these artificial nails and want to remove them, you must do it properly with a little patience. You can do it at home to minimize the expenses of going into the salon getting it done professionally. Although there are different types of acrylic nails such as EMA, MMA, fiberglass and others, the process of removing them is almost the same but differs in the amount of time doing it. Here is how to remove acrylic from fingertips.

Step 1: Prepare what you need.

Here are the things that you will need: plastic sheeting; acetone nail polish remover and a nail buffer. You will also need petroleum jelly and a skin moisturizing lotion.

Step 2: Use the plastic sheeting.

Lay the plastic sheeting in a place where you are going to remove your acrylic nails. This serves as a protection for the area from being damaged. Next is you will have to find for a container big enough to accommodate your hand and one that you can dispose later after using it.

Step 3: Use acetone.

Pour acetone nail polish remover into the container enough to cover the nail area of your hand. Approximately an inch of the polish remover will do. Rub some petroleum jelly first on the area near your acrylic nails to prevent them from being damaged. Make sure not to put some on your acrylic nails.

Step 4: Soak your nails.

Now, place your nails into the bowl containing acetone nail polish remover and allow it to soak for 10-15 minutes after which you will try to remove the acrylic nail. You can use a cuticle stick to remove the acrylic nail overlay. If it does not come off easily, soak for another 5 minutes then try removing it off again. After removing all the acrylic nails, wash your hands thoroughly then apply moisturizing lotion on your hands.

Step 5: Buff your nails.

After applying lotion on your hands, smooth out your natural nails using a nail buffer. Avoid pressing it too hard so as not to damage your nails. You can apply lotion on your hands several times for the next two days since the acetone can dry out your skin.

Alongside all these steps in removing acrylic nails, you should also consider some other reminders. Do not clip your acrylic nails since this can cause pain and damage. Use a warm acetone rather than at room temperature because this can work faster on the nails. Make sure to use nail polish remover with acetone because non-acetone cannot contribute in acrylic nail removal. You must read the instructions well if you are using a nail removal kit. Apply lotion on your hands to regain its moisture since acetone can dehydrate your skin.

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