How to Protect Nails With Silk Wrap

Having silk wrap on your nails will protect them by providing a physical shield against damage therefore allowing your fingernails to grow long and healthy looking. This silk wrap is made of a thin fabric that is glued on to the natural nails to provide them strength and flexibility. Beginners can purchase a kit which contains pre-cut silk wraps together with glue and other materials needed for the application. Then you can also proceed to protect nails with silk wrap.

Step # 1: Prepare the materials for silk wrap.

First you have to purchase the things you will need. These are pre-cut silk wraps, glue, micro file, buffing oil, compressor sheet, cuticle scissors, nail clippers, nail polish and plastic sealer. Be sure to have all of these to complete the procedure.

Step # 2: Purchase the above-mentioned materials.

These materials can be purchased separately or in a kit. You can purchase a silk wrap kit either online or from a local beauty supply shop. You can also choose from different brands that are available in the market. When applying the wrap, you may look for a smooth flat surface to work on and it must be well lit.

Step # 3: Prepare the nails.

As usual, you need to remove any existing nail polish after which you need to wash your hands thoroughly with mild soap and water. Trim your nails and file them to have a smooth even length. File the top of the nails lightly to create a surface to which the silk wraps will be attached. Avoid filing them deeply because this will damage your nail plate and will hinder your attempt to make them grow long and strong.

Step # 4: Match silk wraps.

Get the pre-cut silk wraps and match them with your natural fingernails one by one. If needed you may have to trim the wraps slightly using the cuticle scissors or nail clippers to modify them so that they will fit your nails. Lay down the customized wraps on the working surface in a way that they are well organized for an easy access.

Step # 5: Apply the wraps.

Now you are ready to apply the wraps on your nails. First, apply glue to the surface of the nail. Then press the silk wrap that suits with that nail. Press gently to remove bumps and air bubbles using the plastic compressor sheet. Apply this procedure with all the other fingernails.

Step # 6: Protect the silk wrap.

After you are done with all the nails, apply buffing oil to each of the nail wraps surface and buff with the micro file until they become smooth. Apply also a plastic sealer to smooth and to protect the nail as well as the silk wrap. You can now paint your nails with your favorite nail color polish.

Step # 7: Modify steps according to the following tips for silk wrap nails.

If you have short nails, you can put on nail tip extensions before applying silk wrap. Always wear rubber gloves if your hands will be in water for a long period of time. Replace wraps every 2-4 weeks and if your silk wraps are not durable you can switch to linen wraps or fiberglass.

Protecting your nails with silk wrap requires preparing your nails before going to the main parts of the process. It will also require patience most especially for first-timers. The efforts will pay off in no time though.

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