How to Properly Trim Toenails and Make Them Look Neat

Trimming your nails properly is so important to avoid painful foot problems. One of the most common and very painful problems that anyone could experience on their toes is ingrown. This problem is caused by not cutting the toenails straight across or cutting them too short. Trimming your toenails isn’t something to be done carelessly, although it may look simple. You don’t need to go to a professional to do the clipping of nails for you, but this is not the case for diabetic people because their nails should be properly taken cared of to reduce the risk of future problems. All you need are tips to properly trim toenails.

Tip #1: Soak your toenails.

You need to soak your toenails first to avoid splintering and breaking of nails. As much as possible, do not trim nails before taking a bath because the best time to trim your nails is right after you take a bath. You can also soak in a spa or hot tub to make your nails soft and easy to trim. You should also avoid trimming your nails too short. Try to use a pair of large bandage scissor instead of the traditional toenail clipper.

Tip #2: Know why you need to cut your toenails properly.

Cutting your toenails properly is necessary to avoid not only ingrown but infection as well. Ingrown toenails are nails that lodged deep into the skin instead of growing out normally. This is the main reason for foot pain and can sometimes lead to serious infections. There are also nail that needs to be addressed surgically, because there are nails that naturally grow in.

Tip #3: Cut it straight across.

When you cut your toenails, cut it straight across and not round to match or follow the shape of the end of your toe. Round shape is a great invitation for ingrown toenails and other painful foot problems. To smooth out the edges, use a nail file to file it a bit. This is to keep your nails from being sharp and catching on things such as blanket and clothes. Don’t file them too much because it could make them very round and encourages the nail to curve downward into the toe which could bring pain to your toes.

Tip #4: Choose your nail clippers.

In trimming your toenails, use the right size of toenail clippers. Use the larger clipper, because small ones are for fingernails. Keep all your clippers clean by disinfecting them with rubbing alcohol before and after using it. Do not use rusty clippers anymore for it could bring danger to your toenails.

Tip #5: Moisturize.

Maintain your toenails moisturized by applying enough amount of baby oil to each of your toenails and lotion or moisturizing cream to the rest of each foot. It is also advisable not to cut your toenails to short. Take time in trimming your nails because clipping each toe nail in one shot can create simple wound.

Tip #6: File them properly.

If you are filing your toenails using a nail file, do not drag the file back and forth. Gently move the nail file in one direction across the top of your toenail to smoothen out the edges and get the proper length that you want.

Learning to properly trim your toenails requires much attention to avoid pain and any other problems. You have to make effort to learn this task.

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