6 Steps on How to Paint Fingernail Art Creatively

Different designs with vibrant and intricate fingernail art became popular in the 1990’s, and again making it’s comeback. Companies like OPI, Minx and Sephora are the main companies that creates shiny nail chic with adhesive strips, polish and paint kits. But you can create your own designs and make your finger nails look fabulous with the polishes you already have in your collection. Since nail art is already a trend to fashionable women, salons are also offering a wide range of designs for you to choose from. Here are few easy tips on how to pain fingernail art that will look like it is done by a professional.

Step #1: Prepare.

First, you need to prepare all things that you’ll need such as 3 nail polishes with contrasting colors, toothpicks, orange stick, clear quick dry top coat, paper plate, paper towel, nail rhinestones, acetone free nail polish remover, nail art stripping brush, mild soap, and water.

Step #2: Apply the base coat on your nails.

Apply paint on fingernails using your desired shade. Allow it to dry. Paints the tips with one coat of the second polish creating a French tip upside down crescent effect. And then, use the orange stick that is moistened with nail polish remover to clear excess polish from the crescents bottom. Allow it to dry.

Step #3: Make a third polish.

Pour enough amount of your third polish on a paper plate. Use the stripping brush and lightly pull it through a drop of nail polish. Gently stroke it up on your nail tip to create a design such as fine strip, curl or loop. And then pull the stripping brush through the polish drop again and gently stroke across the nail tip. This is to create your pattern. Repeat the procedure until you get the desired look on each nail. Allow it to dry.

Step #4: Use another color.

Clean the stripping brush with paper towel that is moistened with nail polish remover. Wipe it dry and use another color if you want to by just following the previous steps. Allow the color to set then paint nails with enough coat of clear quick dry top coat. To create a marbling effect, paint nails to your desired color, and drop 2 to 3 dots of different polish on damp nails. Repeat the step using the third nail polish color.

Step #5: Create the marble effect.

Use a toothpick and gently swirl the colors to create that marble effect. Clean toothpick using paper towel. Repeat the procedure on every nail, wiping the toothpick afterward. Using toothpick to make horizontal and vertical lines will also do the trick. You can do this by pulling the toothpick through the polishes and lift, pull in the opposite direction. You can experiment to create different patterns.

Step #6: Remove any excess.

Clean excess polishes from cuticles using orange stick moistened with nail polish remover. And then allow polishes to set. Moisten a toothpick and put 2 to 3 rhinestone per nail randomly on top of each nail. Paint your nails using a thick layer of top coat. Allow it to dry.

These are crucial steps to follow when you want to pain fingernails creatively. There are yet many types of nail arts to choose from. You can experiment on what to use from time to time.

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