How to Learn to Silk Wrap Nails

Maybe some of us don’t have any idea yet about what silk wrap nails are. Basically they are silk fibers molded into shapes like the human nails. The size, shape and design of the silk wrap nails are almost the same like that of the finger nails that they are often mistaken as natural nails when fixed on finger nails. The main reason why they are created is to give cosmetic treatment to the fingernails. It also serves to protect the weak and withering fingernails. That’s why ladies who have nail problems, wrap or protect their fingernails with this silk wrap nails. It protects their nails from water and any unfavorable surrounding atmosphere.

This article will discuss how you can learn to silk wrap nails. After learning the technique on how to apply silk wrap nails, you can surely do it either for fun or for profit. You need to prepare some things such as: (1) nail polish remover; (2) nail filer; (3) fingernail trimmer; (4) nail glue; (5) cotton ball; (6) sealing substance; and (7) compressing sheet.

6 Tips to Do This Type of Artificial Nail Enhancement

Step # 1 – Clean the Surface of Your Nails

Remove any old nail polish or glue of artificial nail with a cotton ball dipped with a nail polish remover.

Step # 2 – Trim or Shorten the Nails

Use the fingernail trimmer to shorten your nails but not too short than your finger tips so that you will not have a hard time when applying the silk wrap nails.

Step # 3 – Make the Surface Rough

Scrub the surface of the finger nails using the filer to make it rough. This will make the silk wrap nails adhere on your fingernails.

Step # 4 – Cut the Silk Wrap into Feasible Size

Cut the silk wrap nails in a way that fits into your fingernails. The silk wrap nails are applied from the base of the natural nails that’s why you need to cut off its size in a way that it can wrap or accommodate comfortably and effectively on your fingernails.

Step # 5 – Apply Glue on Your Fingernails

Place a thin layer of glue all over your nails enough for the silk wrap nails to adhere to so that it can cover your nails from base up to the top. You can wrap your fingernails with the silk wrap nails. Be sure that it should not overlap over the cuticle. Better cut additional parts of silk wrap nails if necessary so that it will fit on fingernails effectively.

Step # 6 – Compress the Silk Wrap Nails

After the silk wrap nails had adhered to your fingernails, compress gently using a compressor to ensure effective adhesion and to smooth the surface as well. Move the compressor over the silk wrap nails from base up to the tips repeatedly for 10-15 seconds. This will not only fix the silk wrap nails but also remove even the smallest bubbles of air. Nobody can say that you are wearing an artificial nail because of the unique quality of this silk wrap nail.

An advantage of the silk wrap nails is that it is thinner and lighter and even more flexible compared to gel and acrylic nails. They look like natural nails and they are effective as cosmetic nail treatment.

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