7 Steps How to Repair Yellow Nails Problem

There are many causes of discolored nails which make them yellowish. Some of these are smoking and the use of nail lacquers. Both of these can cause nail staining making nails a light to deep yellow color. Wearing dark nail colors is also one cause of discoloration. Smoking and the constant use of dark nail colors deprive your nails of oxygen. However it can be fairly easy to restore yellow nails into their healthy pink color.

If you are experiencing yellow nails without wearing dark nail polishes, you must visit your doctor. This can be the cause of some illnesses like diabetes or lung disease. Follow these simple steps to fix your yellow nails. The use of a daily whitener and soaking your nails in a homemade whitening solution can contribute to the return of a healthy nail color. Here are of course vital steps to learn how to fix yellow nails.

Step # 1: Prepare the materials for fixing yellow nails.

Prepare these materials that will surely help you fix yellow nails. Baking soda, small plastic bowl, cotton swab and a 3% hydrogen peroxide are all what you need.

Step # 2: Prepare the nail bleach.

Create nail bleach using a small plastic bowl. Pour 2 ½ tablespoon of baking soda into the bowl. Then add 1 tablespoon of 3% hydrogen peroxide. Stir the baking soda and hydrogen peroxide and combine them together. Keep on stirring until they forma sticky paste.

Step # 3: Use a cotton swab.

Get a cotton swab and dip it into the whitening mixture. From here, you can extract a small amount of the bleach from the bowl.

Step # 4: Apply the solution on yellow nails.

To treat a yellow nail, apply the nail bleach solution under the tip of each yellow nail and also on top of the nail. Allow the nail bleach to stay on your yellow nails for around 3 minutes.

Step # 5: Rinse nails.

After the 3-minute waiting period, you must rinse your fingers with warm water to remove all traces of the whitening bleach.

Step # 6: Repeat the procedure.

Repeat the procedure daily or a few times a week until the yellow nails turn back to its original color, which is a natural white healthy color.

Step # 7: Consider some tips that might also help fix yellow nails.

Instead of applying the nail bleach mixture onto your yellow nails, you can soak your fingers into the solution for 3 minutes. You can use this method alternately. If you are out of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide, you can use a lemon juice to soak your yellow nails. It is said that lemon juice also has whitening properties that can have positive results on yellow nails.

If fungus causes the yellowing of nails and is accompanied by a foul odor, nail chips and signs of brittleness, then see your doctor at once. Nail fungus can be treated by an antifungal medication that requires a prescription from the physician.

There are so many tips you can make use of if you intend to fix yellow nails. You can rely on a combination of tips found in this page and those that you have read from other sites as well.

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