How to Do a Pedicure for Men

By nature, men think that pedicure is only for women. This is the reason why a lot of them have problems about ingrown toenails. A pedicure is simply the care of feet in such a way to avoid foot problems and to make them look their best. Both men and women have feet so pedicure is beneficial to both of them.

Doing a pedicure for men is easier than doing one on a woman because men just want to have their feet clean and tidy and no more. They don’t care about how their nails are shaped and colored. Although the main focus for a men’s pedicure is callus removal, they also consider deep skin hydration and nail trimming important. Here are some tips on how to do a pedicure for men.

Step 1: Start with things needed.

You will basically need the same thing as when doing a pedicure for women. You need a large basin, Epsom salt, antibacterial soap, measuring spoon, scrub brush, pumice stone, thick towel, lotion, nail clippers, nail file and cuticle stick.

Step 2: Foot soak.

In a large basin full of warm, soapy water mix 1 tablespoon of Epsom salt per gallon of water. The water should be enough to cover the feet over the ankles. Let the customer soak his feet into the water for about 10 minutes. Using a scrub brush remove any excess dirt and oil from the feet and toenails after soaking.

Step 3: Change the contents of the basin.

Place the man’s feet on a thick towel while you change the contents of the basin. Put warm and clean water on the basin where you will rinse the man’s feet.

Step 4: Buff dead skin.

You then need to buff away the dead skin and calluses around the feet with the use of pumice stone and warm water. Do the buffing specially on the heel, big toe, little toe, toe pads and the ball of the foot. Rinse both feet well with the water in the basin.

Step 5: Air dry and massage.

Pat the two feet to dry with the thick towel while you dump the dirty water out. Air dry the feet for a minute or two before massaging each foot, ankle and calf using a good lotion. Massage also the skin well, in between the toes, in the arch and around the heel.

Step 6: Push the cuticles and cut the nails.

Push the cuticle gently with the cuticle stick on every toe nail. Then use the nail clippers to cut the nails straight across. Shape the nail with the nail file and do a slight curve outward with rounded sides.

Step 7: Apply more lotion into the foot.

You can now do a quick massage using more lotion into each foot, ankle, and calf then place a pair of thick socks on his feet as the extra lotion soaks into the skin. You can remove the socks after a few hours.

Step 8: Consider some tips.

If the customer wants to strengthen and protect his nails, you can apply plain, non-shiny nail polishes that have no visible appeal. There are also some nail polishes that you can use which can help fight off infections for men with athlete’s foot and toenail fungus problems.

Do not use the toenail clipper to cut the toenails and in making a smooth, circular shape. They are too big and may only end up in cutting cuticle and skin. It is better to cut the toenails straight across because this removes the main bulk and let the nail file create the curved details.

Doing a pedicure for men is not that hard at all. With the tips provided above, you can make this a weekly habit.

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