8 Tips on How to Create Toenail Art Ideas

There are several options for toenail design you can choose from in polishing your well-manicured toes. Nowadays, the trend for nail polish designs varies from stripes and dots or from abstract art to even 3-D designs. There are really a lot of options you can choose from when picking for toenail color and design and these can be included in your toenail art ideas.

Tip #1: Using Bright Colors

Beauty lines like the OPI and Sally Hansen have developed brighter and bolder hues of nail polish. You can draw people’s attention if you apply a solid magenta, sun-kissed yellow or lime green color onto your toes. You don’t need to put special lines and designs when using these colors. Just apply 1 or 2 coats of high gloss finish and put on your thong sandals and be out to show your bold color pedicure.

Tip #2: Using Intricate Designs

Nail designers have created intricate designs like that of a small landscape. They are able to come up with anything for the nails like the cartoon characters for your favorite team’s logo, abstract design of your choice for your larger toes while keeping the other toes with a solid color so as to draw attention to the main design. If you want a simple design, you can have polka dots or multi-colored swirls.

Tip #3: Using Stickers and Elements

Sally Hansen has also some lines of designs with the nail effect stickers which are pre-decorated nail strips. These kinds of polish strips let you apply animal print, patterns and multi-stripes on your nails without drawing it. The size of the strips is just enough to fit the designs on your toes.

Tip #4: Using 3-D Art

Three-dimensional designs use rhinestones and plastic confetti. Rhinestones are the types of nail art designs that can be upgraded to an artistic look by the use of different colored stones in creating a design. You can cover your entire toes with clear or silver rhinestones for a diamondesque effect. There is a newer style of nail design which is the 3-D nail. This is the process of building acrylic on the nails to different shapes and forms. The artist airbrushes and paints the finished product based on the final artistic design. Other technicians use small decorative pieces and nail decorations like pearls and mini plastic flowers to complete the design.

Tip #5: Preparing Your Toenails

Prepare the things you need like nail polish remover, base coat nail polish, alternate nail polish color, clear topcoat, small stick-on rhinestones and an orangewood stick or a toothpick. You have to wash your feet and toes well, making sure that you remove previous nail polish on your toenails. After drying, cut your nails to the desired shape. Look for a place where you can comfortably sit while applying the nail art. You can stay near the TV or where you can read some magazines while waiting for your nails to dry so that you won’t walk around and mess up your pedicure.

Tip #6: Applying the Coats

Apply first your base coat which serves as the background of your design. Better choose a color that looks great with the paint you will use for your nail art. Apply 2 coats to achieve best results and let the coat dry for 10 minutes before applying another one.

Tip #7: Painting the Nails to Create the Toenail Art

Dab the end of a toothpick with a white nail polish and gently paint 5-6 lines in the center to create a flower design. Just paint one flower per small toe then you can create more than one on your big toes.

Tip #8: Making Finishing Touches

Allow your design to dry completely and dab spots on the center of the flower using the toothpick or the orangewood stick to attach small adhesive rhinestones to the center of the flowers. Let the additional paint or glue dry thoroughly before applying a clear coat to seal the design and add another layer to shine your nails.

These are some tips you may take note of when you create toenail art. You will surely have great-looking toenails once you have mastered the tips above.

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