How to Compare Toenail Clippers

Toenail clippers are handheld manicuring devices used to trim toenails. When buying a toenail clipper, be sure to purchase a good one. They are available in different styles, depending on their capabilities and their price ranges. Getting a cheaper one will do you more harm than good. Remember that you are buying one to cut those tough toenails. That’s why you need a sharp one to cut your nails easier.

A toenail clipper is best for the young ones because they can still bend to cut their toe nails. As you get older, it will get harder to bend over to cut your toenails. Most seniors go to the salon to have this job done. If you belong to this group maybe you no longer need a toenail clipper. Nonetheless, you can compare toenail clippers using the following factors.

Factor 1 – Design

The common size of a toenail clipper measures around 3 inches in length. In buying one, consider how you will use it. If you need a compact and travel-friendly nail clipper, choose one with a smaller design. Some nail clippers have a straight-edge blade and these are found in cheaper section of clippers. Others feature a curved blade for a more precise cut on curved nails.

Another type of toenail clipper is one that looks like a scissor and can be used the same way. They are not so good in cutting the toenails because they are tough. You need to be careful in using them because most likely you don’t want to cut the next toe near the one you are cutting.

Factor 2- Features

Look for a special design of a particular nail clipper. One unique design of a toenail clipper is being a nail catcher. This is designed so as to catch the nails while cutting them to prevent messes or scattered nails.  Another common feature of the nail clipper is the handle. Usually, standard nail clippers have thin steel handles which can be pressed together to contract the cutting blades. In contrast to this, some clippers have wide handles with rubber finishes for a secure grip.

The most used by everyone is the lever type of nail clippers. They are easy to use and at the same time make a clean cut without too much trouble. If you buy the convex nail clipper, you can use them many times and still retain their sharpness. Their cutting edge can bend thus a great help in their cutting ability.

Another type of nail clipper is the one that has hole in the end with sharpened edges. This is the Guillotine type of toe nail clipper. This works very well and is usually used for cutting toenails of animals such as dog and cat. You can insert the nail into the hole and then cut it.

Factor 3 – Price

The price ranges from $1.00 to $20.00. This depends on the features and designs of a toenail clipper. Professional-grade clippers with additional features have higher prices.

Whatever type of toenail clipper you want to purchase just be sure to get a good one. Don’t waste your money buying a cheap one. If you need one that can do a good job on your toenails then invest for the best.

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