6 Ways How to Book Pedicures for Men

Pedicures have become a practice for grooming not only among women but also men. This process is very easy, convenient and promotes good foot health. This is according to podiatrists. They also make pedicure a good bargain when doing foot massage, treatment for calluses and exfoliation in addition to toenail clipping as well as buffing. Here’s how to book pedicures for men.

Tip #1: Booking at a Spa

You can book a pedicure at the salon or spa which encourages men to come in and enjoy the benefits of proper nail care. There are some salons that feature a “men’s night” wherein only men are allowed to have manicures and pedicures for a certain period of time. During the “men’s night”, snacks and beverages are offered for free and there are also some shops that may even put a ball game on the television so as to make the atmosphere more masculine.

Tip #2: Booking for Privacy

You can have a pedicure at a salon or spa that has privacy. This means that during the grooming procedure you need not sit on a chair by the window wherein everybody can see you. Find a pedicurist who does not show the whole world that it’s okay for men to have manicures and pedicures too.

Tip #3: Booking with a Pedicurist

You can also visit a pedicurist who offers other services that promote good foot health care like massages, callus removal and treatment for ingrown toenails. There are also several salons that offer a soothing foot bath before nails are cut. Some experienced manicurist and pedicurist give helpful advices regarding how to choose the proper footwear for your feet or how to exercise your ankles, toes and the arches of your feet.

Tip #4: Booking with a Gift Certificate

Try to purchase a gift certificate from a salon or spa before booking for a pedicure. This is not only an excellent way of exposing the benefits of spa treatments to your male relatives and friends but also will help alleviate some of the embarrassment for first time customers who can absolutely say, “It was a gift.”

Tip #5: Booking by Bearing How Much to Tip Your Pedicurist

Try to give some tip accordingly when booking pedicures for men. The pedicurist on a salon or spa spends sometime servicing your potentially stinky feet near their face. In this case, a few dollars will be much appreciated and surely be remembered. The next time you come back for a visit, they will give you a good service in return.

Tip #6: Booking by Making Inquiries

After you have finished with the pedicure, you can inquire about other grooming services they offer to men in their salon like facials, manicures or waxing treatments for hair removal. If you only have pedicures occasionally, better have it in the spring, before the season for sandals and bare foot.

There are a number of ways by which you can book pedicures for men. Some of you may flaunt it but some of you would want privacy. Either way, remember that pedicures are essential to keep you well groomed.

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