How to Apply Nail Polish on Toes with 5 Tips

During summer, it is the time that ladies have to wear their flip-flops where their toes are visible. Therefore your toes should look attractive and this is where you need a nice-looking, well-polished toenails. Applying nail polish perfectly is not that easy. You need to be careful and you need to apply it smoothly to get best results because if not the rough nail polish does not look pretty. Here are some tips and techniques that can help you improve your skills on how to apply nail polish on your toes.

Tip #1: Prepare your toes.

You have to clean all your nails first and shape them well. Before applying nail polish, you have to put a toe separator on each foot to keep the nail polish from getting onto the next toes. Apply a thin layer of base coat on each toenail to protect them from the insensitive chemicals of nail polish and to make the nail polish last longer.

Tip #2: Choose the right nail polish color.

You can now choose the color of your nail polish based on the outfit you plan to wear or the color that matches with your fingernails. Wait for the base coat to dry first before applying the nail polish color. Before applying it, try to revolve its bottle between your hands’ palms so as to eradicate all the bubbles inside it because this can affect the nail polish thickness when applied. Be sure to put only the paint on the brush that you would need only for one toenail. The first coat should be thin.

Tip #3: Use the brush appropriately.

Make sure the brush is n the right position of the cuticle in applying the nail polish. Push the brush backwards to the cuticle and swipe it towards the tip of the nail. Begin by applying strip down to the middle and then do one on each side. Keep in mind that the layer should be thin and try to avoid sticking the nail polish into your skin.

Tip #4: Apply a second coating.

You have to wait for the nail polish to dry before applying the next coat. Allow enough time before the upper layer needs more time to get dried. Sometimes it seems to be already dry but when you touch it just blotch away. When applying the second coat, follow the same method you did with the first coat. Begin at the base of the toenail near the cuticle going to the tip of the nail. First do it at the middle and next on both sides. It is important for the nail polish to dry so give them enough time.

Tip #5: Decide on having a third coat.

After the second coat, you can check your toes if they look nice with it already or you still need a third coat. If you do so, remember to make sure that the third coat should be thin. After the last coat, apply a quick drying clear coat to protect and preserve the nail polish. You only need half an hour before you can put your flip-flops or other footwear on.

Remember that when you apply toe nail polish, you should use a cotton ball in between each toe instead of toe separator. Use a Q-tip and nail polish remover to correct mistakes.


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