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How to Use the Liquid Silk Wrap in 5 Ways

Nails have the tendency to become brittle, weak and break easily. This signifies that the nails are not healthy and they need some strengthening or vitamin-enriched treatment to regain their health. The reasons why nails lose their strength and break are poor nutrition, lack of vitamins, nail biting, because of stress or due to some daily activities like dish washing, cleaning, doing the laundry or opening mails. A liquid silk wrap can be used to strengthen the nails and make them healthier again. Apart from these, here are some other uses of liquid silk wrap.

Liquid Silk Wrap

Liquid Silk Wrap

Tip #1: Try it for Strengthening

Liquid silk wraps, as the name implies, are made of actual silk. These silk wrap nails are pieces of fabric that are cut to mimic the nail shape and then applied on nails. They use a liquid silk wrap sealant to seal them onto the nails. The nail should be buffed to achieve a smooth layer on the nail. The silk fibers in the silk wrap do not only strengthen the nails but also act as a natural barrier. They protect the nails from damage which causes them to break easily. In this case, nails become stronger and less prone to breakage with the use of the silk wrap.

Tip #2: Use it for Smoothing

Using silk wraps make the nails appear smoother and healthier. It is because the silk wraps fill in ridges and smooth bumps making the nail surface look flawless. Silk wraps are more delicate and gentle than any other smoothening products like the acrylic.

Tip #3: Use it to Hide Damage

Liquid silk wraps will not only make nails smother, healthier and stronger, they can also hide damage. This can be used as a temporary coat to cover up a damaged nail while strengthening and protecting it at the same time from further damage. Another thing is that, liquid silk wraps can also hide damage caused by artificial nails. It serves as glue by strengthening and protecting the damaged or cracked synthetic nails. The nails do not even need to be cut off it can grow out on its own.

Tip #4: Use it as a Base

Using liquid silk wraps does not mean you have to give up your nail polish color. For you to know, the silk wrap can be worn under the color nail polish. You can use it as the primary base. Let it dry first before applying one or two coats of the nail color polish of your choice. The liquid wrap can still do its magic even it is hidden underneath the nail polish.

Tip #5: Use it to Make Nails Look Natural

The liquid silk wrap can make your nails look so natural as compared to synthetics such as acrylic nails and gel nails. They are prone to damage easily than artificial nails because they are thinner. Though it protects the natural nails and makes them stronger, this fabric is thin and delicate, making them more fragile than other synthetic nails. Therefore, liquid silk wraps are not recommended for those who are active in their lifestyle.

There are so many uses for a liquid silk wrap. These are more than you have ever imagined. Try investing in one and use it for any of the purposes mentioned above.

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