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How to Remove UV Gels from Nails – 6 Steps to Remove This Artificial Nail

UV gel nails are part of the list of the most used artificial nails that look great at special occasions. However, most women are uncertain on how to remove them properly. Once the nails start growing, the UV gel nails look like they have been neglected and messy. That’s why some women even peel or break them off which result to weak and brittle nails. To prevent this to happen, follow these steps on how to remove UV gel nails the proper way.

Remove UV Gels from Nails

Remove UV Gels from Nails

Step # 1: Prepare the following:

You will need a gel remover, 240-grit file, orange wood stick and a nail conditioning oil or lotion. Then you can proceed to other essentials in the process.

Step # 2: Prepare the nails and the gel remover.

File down the UV gel with the use of a 240-grit file as thin as possible. But be sure not to file down to your natural nail. Run a hot water over the bottle to warm the gel remover. Put the warm gel remover in a small bowl.

Step # 3: Soak your nails in the gel remover.

Soak your fingernails in the gel remover for about 15-30 minutes. Cover your hands over the bowl with a terry towel. This is to keep the gel remover warm.  After 30 minutes, the UV gel will then soften and become flexible.

Step # 4: Remove excess gel.

Push off remaining gel using an orange wood stick while your fingers are still submerged in the gel remover. This will make an easy removal of the UV gel.

Step # 5: Buff, smoother and condition the nails.

You can now buff and smooth the nails. Next is, you have to apply a conditioning oil or lotion to the fingernails.

Step # 6: Consider the so-called foil wrap removal method.

Apart from steps 1 to 5 as mentioned above, you can opt to use another process while dealing with UV gel nails. This is called the foil-wrap removal method. All you need to do is consider some steps.

Remove all traces of enamel and buff the surface with a 240-grit file. Place the remover for 2 minutes under warm water. Saturate a cotton pad or a gauze pad with remover and put it on top of the enhancement.

Use a tin foil to encase the cotton pad tightly to seal it. You should apply the pad and the foil seal separately to avoid evaporation after which you soak in this manner for 30 minutes. You can check each wrap and if ready, remove the product from the surface of the nail by the use of cuticle pusher or orangewood stick.  After the gel has been removed, buff the surface to make sure it has totally removed. Massage your skin and nails with lotion and rinse well.

These are some of the steps you may consider while you remove nail polish such as UV gel nails. The trick is to soften your hands and nails and the rest of the task will be easy. Plus, you can consider an alternative such as the foil wrap removal method.

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