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How to Get a Great Pedicure – 5 Tips to Have those Presentable Toes

Once a person wears opened sandals and flip flops, she wants her toes to look good. Presentable feet are those that are free from scales, dry and cracked heels and skin and are clean. In this case, one must have a good pedicure which can be done either in a parlor or at home. Just be sure to have a safe one. For example you plan to have a great pedicure in a nail salon, make sure a professional will do it for you. Do not let a trainee touch your feet. You are safer and you are more comfortable when a professional performs your pedicure.

If you are out of budget to have your pedicure in a salon and pay for it you can have it at home instead. Here are tips you may need when you want to get a great pedicure at home and keep those nail polish on.

Get a Great Pedicure

Get a Great Pedicure

Tip # 1: Prepare your feet.

This includes removing your old nail polish. Then you may soak your feet in lukewarm water for around 15 minutes. To soften your skin and make them moist, you may use a peppermint foot soak or Epsom salts.

Tip # 2: Exfoliate your skin

Exfoliate your skin to remove dead skin and calluses. Use a clean foot scrub to eliminate calluses off your feet. Make sure that tub you are soaking your feet in is well cleaned also.

Tip # 3: Clip and file your toenails.

Do not cut your toenails too short from the inside rims to prevent ingrown nails. You should use one direction only in filing your nails rather than going back and forth. This is to avoid friction and prevent nail chipping as well as breaking of nails. Push back the cuticles but never cut them. Be sure not to make use of metal instruments on your feet especially nail clippers and nail pushers.

Tip # 4: Make your pedicure last longer.

To make your pedicure last longer, apply topcoat polish every 4-5 days so as to prevent your nail polish from chipping. Wash your feet regularly and scrub your calluses every other day when taking a bath. Massage a small amount of cuticle cream on your nails every day after taking a bath and massage your feet also with a lotion.  All of these will help keep your feet in good condition at least 3 weeks after your pedicure. Try to make use of your own pedicure set for your safety. This is to avoid the spread of germs and prevent infections as well.

Tip # 5: Remember a few more tips that will help you get a great pedicure.

Make sure that the coat dries first before applying the next one. If you have problems with your nail polish, you can invest on salon quality nail polish rather than the grocery brand.

There are ways in which you can get great pedicures. The tips above prove that you need not spend much. But of course you also have to make your own efforts to achieve your intentions.


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