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How to Use Pedicure Tools for Men

Although some pedicure steps like applying bright colored nail polish are not appropriate for men, others are man-friendly and could leave their feet looking and feeling good. Here are some points to acquaint you of the common tools that are being used in giving pedicure to men. Learn how to use pedicure tools for men so you may know how to do the job on your own.

Tip #1: Using Foot Soak Tub

Use Pedicure Tools for Men The use of foot soak tub allows the dry and rough skin of the man’s foot to soften before performing pedicure. You can use a fancy jetted or just a standard soaking bath to accomplish this step.

Tip #2: using Nail Clippers

Nail clippers help you to easily trim the length of toenails. It also assists you in shaping the customer’s nails.

Tip #3: Using Nail File

After trimming his toenails, use a file to smooth the edges of the toenails and give them an even finish. You can also use emery board instead of a metal file. It is because an emery board can stay rough longer than nail files and allow more even and pain-free filing process.

Tip #4: Using a Buffer

The nail buffer on the other hand is used to smooth both the nail top and tip. Nail buffer comes in several forms but the most common one is the sponge buffer, which features low grit buffing buffer which is wrapped around by a sponge. This will allow you to mold the tool to the customer’s toes.

Tip #5: Using Cuticle Oil

Spread the cuticle oil on the area that surrounds the toes. This is to make the cuticles easier to push back and clip. Choose all natural cuticle oil or you can use a synthetic alternative which includes minor pain relief, to ensure that pushing the cuticles is not a painful procedure.

Tip #6: Using Cuticle Stick

You need a cuticle stick to push back cuticles and at the same time to freshen up the nail surface. Try to select a standard wooden cuticle stick than a metal one. Wooden ones are gentler to use and they are disposable allowing you to discard them after each use. This way, you can avoid multiple uses which will keep you away from transferring bacteria from one customer to another.

Tip #7: Using Cuticle Trimmers

Cuticle trimmers are used to cut away the extra cuticle you lift with the cuticle stick. This looks like a petite pincher and it is somewhat sharp so as to allow you for easy removal of cuticles. Since these metal cuticle tools are not disposable, you must sanitize them after every use.

Tip #8: Using Pumice Stone

The use of a pumice stone lets you scrape away the rough skin that has accumulated on the customer’s foot to reveal fresh and soft skin. This tool is generally made of natural pumice stone and this is considered a non-synthetic material which makes it the right tool to for this kind of task.

There are many pedicure tools that you may use for men. Some of them work the same way as you do pedicures for women. It is a matter of knowing your client’s needs in order to perform the job better on them.

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