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How to Paint Fingernails Perfectly – 4 Steps to Paint Your Nails with No Mistakes

Polishing your fingernails on both hands is not an easy job because you’ll have in your hands both a canvass and a tool. It is an unavoidable task to start polishing one hand at a time to make polishing better. However, through practice and dedication, you’ll be able to practice polishing applications at home and end up equally with nail polish done by a professional. The following are some tips in painting fingernails nails perfectly.

Paint Fingernails Perfectly

Paint Fingernails Perfectly

Step # 1: Remove any nail polish left from your previous nail painting endeavor.

Clean your nails and remove any previous nail polish on your finger nails. You can soak a cotton swab in a nail polish remover and swipe it on your nails to remove any nail polish left and oil residue that’s lingering on the nails. Now repeat the procedure of wiping a cotton swab on the surface of your nails whether you have just removed the polish or the nails are totally clean and no polish to remove. This is to lift off any oil from your nails so that they will look quite dull and dry. This is good since it indicates that the nail surface is totally free of oil residue.

Step # 2: Apply a base coat

You may now apply a thin base coat on each fingernail of one hand at a time. Let the base coat dry for 3-5 minutes. This is very important since the base coat serves as the foundation which protects the nail plate from discoloration from the nail polish and protects the nail polish from the oils of your nail plate. So let it dry completely and let it adhere well before going to the next step.

Step # 3: Apply color nail polish

After the base coat is thoroughly dry you can now apply the color nail polish. You need to do some practice before you become comfortable in applying it and able to make good results. You need to do it on one hand at a time, nail color polish, topcoat and drying time. Let the first hand dry thoroughly before polishing the next hand.  In removing the brush from the nail polish bottle, bend it against the bottle tip to squeeze out excess polish. There should be no drip and the color should not drip off the brush when you remove it from the bottle and apply it onto your hands.

Step #4: Take note of the application process.

Start applying from the base of your nail. Fan the brush flat and using wide even strokes, thinly coat your nails from the base going to the tip. Do it on all your fingernails on one hand at a time. You can remove any excess color nail polish that gets into your cuticles later. Let the first coat dry completely before applying the second coat.

If in case you like the look of only one coat, you don’t need to apply a second coat on your fingernails. But if you want to apply a second coat, you can repeat the process similarly with the first coat which is a thin coat with an even stroke applying slowly without the feeling of fear of making a mistake since it can be fixed easily later.

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