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How to Get Started with Innovative Nail Art Designs – 5 Tips to Consider to Get Your Nail Done Stylishly

Having well-manicured and well-groomed nails indicate one’s personality and also reflects a person’s style. Today’s nail fashion trend is greatly inclined with nail arts. These nail arts have unique styles and give a stunning look to dull looking nails. Most young and fashion conscious women of today use nail art to make their nails colorful and attractive than just plain colored nails. These nail arts enhance the beauty of the nails by introducing some small motifs, danglers, glitters, stones and ceramic flowers which make the nails stand out for any occasion.

Making nail art is not an easy thing to do and this requires professionalism and creativity especially in doing intricate designs. If the nail is well done, this will brighten your overall appearance and will complement your outfit to a great extent. Nail arts may vary from fine and delicate designs to bold and funky ones. Here are some tips to follow in making innovative nail art designs to make the application perfect.

Innovative Nail Art Designs

Innovative Nail Art Designs

Tip # 1: Prepare your nails

First, clean and shape your nails properly and trim and file them well to get best results. Nail artists cannot create beautiful designs if the nails are in bad shape and not well kept. For badly shaped and broken nails, you can consider the use of acrylic nails. Nail art designs can be painted on these artificial nails.

Tip # 2: Create the nail art designs

Apply a base coat to your nails before creating nail art designs. The nail art brushes have different sizes which can be used based on the design you want to make. In making intricate designs to be more visible, a brush with a thin tip and a finer brush are required. Toothpicks can also be used especially if you are a beginner in making nail art designs and you want to improve your designs. Use cotton swabs in removing excess application of nail polish and do it at once before the nail polish dries up. It is also recommended that you use different brushes for each nail polish color to save time.

Tip # 3: Try different methods in making nail arts

You can create nail arts using different methods. Beginners prefer to create nail art designs through copying from the nail art books or from the internet. You can also learn doing nail arts by attending courses that are offered by nail salons. However, creating simple and easy floral designs and geometric shapes can easily be created by someone who possesses the artistic capability and there’s no need for high end training.

Tip # 4: Invest on the right nail art accessories

Many nail art designs make use of just a ccombination of nail polish colors and some add glitters into the nail polish before they paint their nails. To add highlights and make the nails a more sophisticated look, salons make use of nail accessories like ceramic flowers, crushed shells, rhinestones, acrylic stones, 3D nail stickers and fimo art pieces.

Tip # 5: Apply clear nail polish coat

After you are done with the nail art design, apply a clear nail polish every 2-3 days to maintain the nail arts and to prevent them from chipping and to last long. Wear gloves when you do something to prevent any nail damage and do not bite your nails to always keep them in good condition and to make the nail art intact.

These are things to include in your other nail art and manicures guide. These tips will help you get the nail art design you have always dreamed of.

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