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How to Use a Metal Nail File – 5 Ways to Use Metal Nail Files to Even Out Your Nails

Almost all women love their nails and they love styling and coloring them. While some go to the salon to have manicures or pedicures, others do it by themselves. In this way they can save time and money.

One tip to style your nails is by the use of nail files. Although nail files come in many shapes and sizes, the most commonly used is the metal nail file. Some are made out of glass and ceramic and there’s the emery board which is made of cardboard. The metal nail file is most used because they are dependable, tough and they are easy to use. The following tips show how you can use a metal nail file for proper nail care.

Use a Metal Nail File

Use a Metal Nail File

Tip # 1 – Use the Right Kind of Trimmers

You must first cut your nails with the right kind of trimmers. You can buy any standard nail trimmer in the store that is good for your hands. Be sure to purchase one that has straight edges so that you can easily cut across the nails. For your toenails, buy a bigger trimmer for them because the nails of your feet are harder and standard nail trimmers cannot cut them. One way to cut your toenails easier is to make them softer first. You can dip your feet in warm water for a few minutes before trimming them.

Tip # 2 – Use the Nail File to Smoothen the Nail Edges

Usually, every time you cut your nails there are sharp and rough edges found at the corners of your nails. This is where you need the nail file to smoothen out the rough, jagged edges of your nails. It would not be that painful if you accidentally scratch your skin.

Tip # 3 – File Nails in One Direction

Use the nail files properly; do not use it like a saw. In short file your nails in one direction only. If you started to file your nails in an upward direction, finish filing your nail in that similar direction. Improper use of the nail files will cause your nails to break, that’s why you need to be consistent. Be sure to file your nails on both sides.

Tip # 4 – Wipe Residues Right Away

You must wipe any residues that accumulate on your nail file. Once there is residue on the nail file, it will make the device less efficient. For best effect, wipe the nail file after every filing 2-3 nails.

Tip # 5 – Use a Metal Nail File for Toenails

Always use a metal nail file for toenails since they are harder and emery boards are not advisable for them. They are not strong enough to smoothen out the rough edges of the toenails. So in order to file them effectively you must use a metal nail file. Do the same steps above for your toenails.

File your nails to keep them looking healthy. File them every time there are sharp edges round. This will prevent the appearance of unwanted cracks. Following the above tips on using a metal nail file would guarantee not only smoother and healthier nails but better looking nails for everyone. Add these tips under your “other nail art and manicures” list.

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