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How to Create Easy Nail Designs With French Tip

French tip manicures are described as neatly manicured nails with white paint on the tip of the nails only. French tip are the most commonly used design for women who are not allowed to wear artistry due to personal taste or workplace requirements. This design is very simple because the rest of the nail is left clear for a very classy appearance. But with the constant and widespread use of nail art, even French manicure is also affected by change. Here are some ways to create easy nail designs with French tip.

Tip #1: Using Various Colors

Although French manicure designs are traditionally created with white tips, different colors can also be used to paint nail tips. Using different colors however is not considered to be a special designing option. Using colored paints other than white for your French tip manicure are different from the norm. Some women match the color of the French tips to their accessories, outfits, and moods. In addition to the design, women also experiment by using tinted clear paint at the bottom of the nail instead of transparent lacquer.

Tip #2: Using an AirbrushCreate Easy Nail Designs With French Tip

Another way to design nails is by using airbrush. It is not only beautiful, but easy to wear too. Users just need to know how to line up the stencils against the nail bed, put some paint in the airbrush and shoot the air brush gun. This is just a matter of following instructions as compared to creating hand-painted nail art from scratch. The best thing about using airbrush is that even the best hand paint artists with steady manual skillfulness cannot match the natural creativity that comes up with the design ideas that are already stamped into stencils. And aside from these, stencil designs may be air brushed on white paint to maintain the classy, toned down appearance of a French tip manicure.

Tip #3: Using Some Artistry

Hand-painted artistry is also another option to beautify your nails. Designs could range from simple to intricate. You can choose depending upon your mood. Hand-painted artistry can create fine lines, swirls, and dots as opposed to airbrushing. These designs are the easiest hand paint designs to do. French manicures look more defined with boundary lines painted along the bottom of the tip paint. Designs like dots and swirls can add some glamour and divert the eye from the simple French manicure beneath them. Some nail artists switch the French manicure and place the tip at the bottom of the nail, leaving the top clear to add some twist to the design. Others are making the design unique by changing the shape of the tip. Usually French tips are square, but they are also painted in oval shapes.

Tip #4: Using Appliques

Appliques are also being used to design nails. Appliques are easy to use because they only need to be applied instead of being painted or airbrushed. When you are done with your French manicure, you just need to apply a clear top coat and place on the appliqué before it dries up. To secure them in place, apply another top coat over the appliqués. These are available in stickers, rhinestones, glitter and dry nail polish strips.

These four designs are said to be great additions to your list of other nail art and manicures. These French tip designs may deviate from what is normal but they are worth a try.

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