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How to Do an Organic Seaweed Nail – Using the Seaweed Solution to Create that Natural Look in Your Nails

Using organic seaweed nail treatment is one of the trends nowadays. This nail treatment is becoming more popular among people who are looking for ways to strengthen their brittle nails. Organic seaweed nail treatment is also recommended for those who have malnourished nails that are susceptible to breaking, chipping, flaking or bending easily. Such solutions include seaweed, sugar cane, vitamins, minerals and calcium. One thing good about this seaweed solution is the fact that majority of them are all natural and have no toxins and harsh chemicals as well. They create a natural look when used in coating the nails. Here are tips when using this organic nail polish as a nail coat.

Do an Organic Seaweed Nail

Do an Organic Seaweed Nail

Tip 1: Using Organic Seaweed as a Base Coat

We all know that our nails are made of protein and therefore we need protein to strengthen them. A seaweed mixture contains protein so we can assure that using this solution strengthens the nails. You can go to your salon and ask if they offer this service and make sure that the main purpose of the treatment is nourishment and not merely protection. This organic seaweed nail treatment can be applied directly onto the natural nails. This solution is very useful for those who are having problems of growing their nails thick and long.

The manicurist can start the procedure by filing your nails and pushing the cuticles next. It is required to place a nail stencil over your nails to protect your skin from the gel. Using a thick nail brush, the manicurist will then apply the solution gently onto your nails. After applying the organic seaweed solution in all your nails, your nails will then be placed under a UV light system and remain there until the seaweed solution has set. If necessary, the manicurist may apply a few more coats of the solution this depends on the type of seaweed solution that is being used.

Tip2: Using Organic Seaweed as a Top Coat

The organic seaweed nail treatment on the other hand can also be used on top of a polished nail. This is to protect the nail color and seal them. The protein content in the seaweed solution provides a hard seal on the nail which help resists chipping, cracking or breaking of nails. According to some salons, using the organic seaweed solution as top coat will make the nail color polish last for weeks without chipping. Because of this, it is advisable for brides to use this solution if they want that their French manicure will last through their wedding until their honeymoon.  Applying the top coat has the same procedure when applying the base coat only it is applied after the nail color polish is applied which means it is applied to the top of the nail color.

It is also recommended that you can both use the organic seaweed nail combined as a base coat and a top coat. This is to offer both nourishment and nail color polish protection at the same time. With this then, you can say that this option will make your nails look beautiful and healthy at the same time.

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