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How to Make and Use Organic Nail Polish with 7 Steps to Follow

According to the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, artificial nails, nail polish removers and nail polish have toxic chemicals in them that can cause asthma and cancer. Besides that, they are also known to have other negative effects on a person’s health. The chemicals found in several brands of commercially-produced nail products include dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde and toluene. To be safe from these chemicals, it is better to make and use organic nail polish that will cover the nails without the worry of harmful side effects that a store-bought polish brings. Here’s how to make and use organic nail polish.

Make and Use Organic Nail Polish

Make and Use Organic Nail Polish

Step #1: Preparation

Prepare the things that you will need like small bowl, small paint brush, water and 1-2 drops liquid henna. You can purchase henna at local food health stores. Combine one quarter tablespoon of water and 1-2 drops of red henna in a small bowl. You can add some water until you create the color you desire.

Step #2: Application

Apply the polish onto your nails using a small paint brush. Be sure not to put some henna polish onto your skin as it causes stain. Let the nails dry thoroughly before you rinse the henna mixture with water. The end result is a natural nail stain that does not chip and can last for several days.

Step #3: Substitute with Henna Powder

You can make organic nail polish at home using henna powder and water. This is to ensure a non-chipping natural nail that is safe for your body which can last for several days or even weeks. Purchase an organic henna powder at your health store and prepare a small bowl and a nail polish brush.

Step #4: Creating the Mixture

To make a thin paste that will serve as your organic nail polish, add warm water to a small amount of henna powder in a small bowl. You must have a consistency that should be thin enough and that you can spread on your nails with a nail polish brush. But the paste should not be too thin as to be watery.

Step #5: Applying the Henna Mixture

Use a clean nail polish brush in applying the organic nail polish onto your nails. Do not let the mixture get into your skin if possible. Let your nails dry in the sun or in a nail dryer or near a small fan.

Step #6: Rinsing Your Nails

Once your organic nail polish is completely dry, you have to rinse your nails in a tepid tap water. The result of this organic nail polish is a soft pink color that does not chip and the color will slowly fade away with time. You can repeat the procedure if needed.

Step #7: Throwing Leftovers

Throw away any left organic nail polish after you are done. A new paste should be mixed for every use because henna loses its active properties after it is mixed and is exposed to the air for some time.

There are a lot of ways by which you can make and use organic nail polish at home. The secret is to make sure you follow the steps above and you have exhausted all options possible.

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