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7 Steps on How to Make Organic Water-Based Nail Polish

Water-based nail polish is so easy to make and easy to apply. It’s so fun to create and relatively inexpensive. You can have beautiful nails without overloading yourself with different toxic substances, because water based-nail polishes do not contain any of those dangerous chemical solvents. They are also non-toxic and long wearing. You can make organic water-based nail polish easily by just using henna powder and water. The result is a stunning non chipping natural nail color that is eco friendly and safe for your body. Start when you prepare all the necessary things such as henna (in desired color), water, small glass or metal bowl, spoon, cotton swab. Then you must also adhere to several other steps.

Step #1: Mix henna and water.

In a small bowl, mix henna and water. Mix it thoroughly with a spoon until you will have a fine paste. Apply the paint onto your fingernails using a cotton swab and let it dry. Be careful not to let the paste get in contact with your skin. Then wash the paste off your nails to enjoy the color.

Step #2: Use a nail polish brush.

Make Organic Water-Based Nail PolishAnother way of applying is by using a nail polish brush, and let it dry under the sun if possible. However, if this is not possible dry it in a nail dryer or near a small fan.

Step #3: Rinse your nails.

Rinse your nail in lukewarm water once the organic nail polish is thoroughly dry. The result is a soft pink color that will not chip from your nails. Repeat the procedure once it started to wear off or fade.

Step #4: Store whatever is left.

Discard any leftover nail polish from the container. For every application, a new batch should be made because henna loses its active properties after being mixed and exposed to air after long periods.

Step #5: Create another recipe.

Another way to make organic based nail polish is by mixing a tablespoon of olive oil, cold and pressed with half a tablespoon of kaolin clay powder and make them into a paste. The addition of olive oil will help moisturize the nails and cuticles while clay could bring shine to the nails. And to add color, mix some henna dye. Henna dye comes in different colors and could also give a natural shade to your nail polish. Make a paste mixture from henna dye and olive oil that is smooth.

Step #6: Use cotton swab.

To apply the color evenly to your nails, use cotton swab or nail polish brush. Let it stay on your nails for about 15 minutes. Wipe out any leftover paint on the skin and air dry nails. If you are using henna, moisturize your skin as often as possible. A cotton swab immersed in warm water is already enough for dabbing on the surface. When the paste of paint dries off, wipe it using a damp cloth. To get the natural gloss, repeat the procedure and gently rub to buff your nails.

Step #7: Use rubbing alcohol for stains.

You can rub your nails with rubbing alcohol to remove nail stain. You should also use henna colors carefully for it could stain your skin and clothes. Rubbing a slice of lemon fruit can also do the trick in removing organic water based nail polish.

There are several recipes to use when making organic water-based nail polish. Also, you should consider proper application of your solution.

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