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Gel Nail Ideas on How to Create Beautiful Looking Nail Wraps

Gel nails are artificial nails that are being used nowadays. Artificial gel nails can be an alternative to traditional acrylic nails. One advantage of these gel nails is that they can withstand water and they don’t lift like acrylic nails. There are never-ending artistic ideas that can be designed into these nail wraps. Some of these include the following gel nail ideas.

Create Beautiful Looking Nail Wraps

Create Beautiful Looking Nail Wraps

Tip #1: Using Dried Flowers

If you use clear gel nails, you can incorporate small dried flowers into your designs. Begin with a flexible nail form and fit it closely against the tip of your finger. Use a small brush to apply a clear or lightly colored nail gel on your fingertip edge and extend it out to create length. After the application, you may cure the gel under a UV lamp for around 10 seconds. Add mini dried flowers and form any pattern according to your liking on the gel. After putting the mini dried flowers, apply another layer of gel over the flowers and cure again for another 2 minutes. Make use of a file to shape and smooth the edges of your gel nails.

Tip #2: Using Color Changing Gels

Color changing gels can add a good effect to nails together with rhinestones and other decals. You can apply a soft colored base coat of gel to your nail or an artificial nail tip then cure it under a UV light for around 20 seconds. Next, you have to apply a layer of color changing gel over the base and cure it for another 30 seconds. You can also add some decals, jewels or mini dried flowers to your designs. To add a variety of color to your gel nails, you can use different colored gels. Apply a thin layer of clear gel on top of your design and again cure under the UV light. Use file to shape your nails afterwards.

Tip #3: Using Nail Foils

Nail foil is becoming in demand and is inexpensive. You can buy nail foil kits in nail salons or in beauty supply stores and they are available in a large variety of designs, patterns or holographic designs. You can apply the foil to your gel nails covering the whole nails or just a part of it. Apply a thin layer of clear gel over the foil and then seal it with the UV light. Use file to shape the nails and then buff the top layer to make it shine.

Tip #4: Using 3D Nail Art

These nail gel designs are eye catching but requires too much time to create. After having your gel nails applied and cured, you have to create small shapes or flowers onto the nail. You have to use a brush and some colored gel to create small shapes or flower’s petals on wax paper. You have to cure the small shapes under the UV light to harden them. Use nail glue and tweezers to apply your gel shapes of your desired pattern. You can create flowers, fruit, animals or any theme you like for your gel nails. Then finish it with a coat of clear polish to seal the 3D nail art in place.

There are really many beautiful gel nail ideas which you can make use of. Create flowers and shapes that will suit your mood with these nail wraps and you will surely look outstanding in a crowd of people.

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