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How to Use Tools for Nail Mobile Business

Working in a nail salon is being stuck in a chair and if you are tired of it and love the idea of owning a mobile nail tech business then this is the right time. Today, people are so busy and do not have enough time to always go to the salon. Taking your tools and skills on the road is a great way to break the monotony of a shop and attracting on-the-go clients as well. First, you have to book appointments on a clients’ home. For sure you will enjoy this kind of work and some nail salon owners will envy because you don’t have to pay for a rent. However a number of tools are needed to equip a mobile nail business. Here is how you may use tools for nail mobile business.

Tip #1: Using AutomobilesUse Tools for Nail Mobile Business

A car is needed to go from one place to another. Several calls coming from clients of different places will be received by a certain number wherein the dispatcher will be the one to inform the nail technicians where she is going to. The freelance nail technician will have to use her own car at first and reimburse the gasoline later. As soon as the nail mobile business grows, some vehicles will be painted and outfitted with the name of the company and this will be used by the technicians in going to different places.

Tip #2: Using Nail Kits

Nail technicians need several tools to do their customers’ nails. Such tools include nail clippers and files of different sizes, picks to clean their nails and cuticles, several kinds of nail polishes, acrylic supplies, soaking bowls, towels, drying sprays and other nail care necessities. These nail kits should be separately organized in drawers and trays for the technician to easily locate each materials on where they are placed. Don’t forget to include an alcohol which is used to clean and sanitize all equipments.

Tip #3: Using Chairs and Generators

A mobile nail business needs easily transportable chairs so that a nail technician can easily set up anywhere she can comfortably do the customers’ nails. A foldable chair can fit at the automobile. Also include cushions to make the chairs more comfortable. A portable nail table is also needed in case there’s no workstation available in the place you are going to.

The mobile nail business need gas powered generators for the technician to have access of electricity on very remote jobs. She may need it if the customer needs to soak her feet for pedicures or to set up lamps for more light.

Tip #4: Using Computer Knowledge

You don’t only need materials in running this kind of business but also you must be computer literate. Knowledge in computer-based accounting or a database program is needed to manage your client lists, receipts, expenditures, supply lists and other things needed to run this business.

Tip #5: Using Marketing Plan

Make a marketing plan to cut down on expenses. Focus your target on customers who are living in retirement villages, office buildings, social clubs and other places that you can get the opportunities of having multiple clients each time you stop.

These are a few tips to bear in mind when using nail technician tools for a mobile business. Keep your state certification license current if you want to expend your client.  Keep updated about nail care techniques, products and designs by taking classes about nail care.

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