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How to Stick on Minx Nails Using 6 Tips

Minx nails are the colored covering of nails that requires heat in applying it. These minx nails have a wide variety of shining designs and do not crack or chip like other standard false fingernails. There are 100 styles of minx nails. These can be ordered in custom designs and were also featured on the cover of Nails Magazine in January 2008. A professional manicurist can apply minx nails or you also have the choice to do it at home as long as you have the proper equipment. Read the following tips on how to stick Minx nails.Stick On Minx Nails

Tip #1: Using the UVA heat lamp

You will need a UVA heat lamp or blow dryer and a Minx glass file. After preparing the materials needed, place the Minx nails under a UVA heat lamp or you can use a blow dryer until these nails become soft and flexible.

Tip #2: Peeling the first nail

Once the minx nail becomes soft, peel the first nail from the plastic packing sheet and hold the nail under the UVA heat lamp. You have to align the curved end up to the cuticle without touching it.

Tip #3: Laying the minx nail

Stick the edge to the fingernail and gently pull and lay the minx nail covering down the finger. Fold the excess Minx over the free edge and secure under the finger.

Tip #4: Smoothening the nail cover

You can now smooth out the nail covering. You can begin with the cuticle and smooth the material out using your thumb so that it will adhere smoothly to the nail. Keep the nail away from the heat and let it cool for around 10 seconds.

Tip #5: Filing the excess

You can now file the excess wrapping from the end of the nail using the Minx glass file. Repeat the above procedure with your remaining fingernails.

Tip #6: Try another way of applying minx nails

Here is another way of applying Minx nails and like any other new product it seems to be a difficult task but you will soon know that you only need a little practice to make the art of minxing perfect. Warm the gently cleaned and manicured nails and Minx infrared heat source. You can now select the size of the minx nails that are appropriate for your nails. Then peel the minx nail from the backing sheet. Just under the heat, apply the nail by aligning the curved end of the minx up close but be sure not to touch the eponychium. Pull taut gently and fold the excess Minx over the free edge and secure it under the finger.

Smooth Minx using your thumb and begin at the center of the nail to the side walls to the free edge adhering Minx smoothly to the nail surface. You can now remove your nails under the heat and cool them for 10 seconds and at a 45-degree angle to the free edge, remove excess with a minx glass file. Bring your nails back under the heat and ensure complete adhesion using a soft cuticle pusher. Make sure also that sides and edges are snug and air tight.

Sticking on Minx nails require special attention. Just like when you handle other nail technician tools, you also need to give extra care when handling minx nail application.

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