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How to Make the Most Out of Beauty Supplies for Nails

Besides contributing to one’s personality, beauty supplies for nails have both bad and good side effects for everybody. This is what we have to know so that we can avoid the bad ones. The bad news is that darker nail polish contributes to the yellowing of the nails while a bad diet can cause brittle nails. There are some nail polish removers that can weaken nails too. On the other hand, the good news is that there are some easy to follow tips and there are some beauty supplies that can help everybody to avoid such nail ailments and to strengthen nails as well. Make the most out of beauty supplies for nails by reading the tips below.

Tip #1: Using Vitamins

Thin and brittle nails could be a sign of lack of vitamins. Vitamins should be given priority as the number one beauty supply. They don’t only keep hair and skin beautiful but also they keep nails healthy and strong. A person must take multivitamins to ensure that their nails don’t become brittle and that they lack radiant. A good multivitamin specifically for nails should contain biotin and a B-complex vitamin to help increase the thickness of nail plates.

Tip #2: Using Acetone Free Nail Polish RemoverMake the Most Out of Beauty Supplies for Nails

Do not use nail polish remover that has formaldehyde and acetone in it. This can cause dry and brittle nails. Acetone is known as a drying agent, and being strong, it can weaken and dissolve nails. Formaldehyde can dry your nails like acetone so try to avoid both.

Tip #3: Using Olive Oil

Olive oil is one of the healthy cooking oil but it also works to keep nails strong and makes cuticles soft. Therefore you can use it every day or weekly as a nail treatment. The daily use of olive oil soaks can be quick but better plan for a longer soak once a week. You can immerse your nails for around 5-10 minutes.

Tip #4: Using Nail Polish Base Coat

The method of applying a base coat to your nails before a nail polish helps improve the lasting effect of your nail color. It also protects your nails from nail polish stains. Dark nail polishes can cause yellow stains which can be an unsightly look. This condition can be easily avoided with the use of a base coat. Some base coats contain hardeners giving the benefit of strengthening your nails.

Tip #5: Using a Manicure Set

When going to the nail salon, you can bring your own manicure set with you. Using a manicure set that is being used by almost everybody has the risk of infection. Using your own set minimize the risk.

Tip #6: Using Some More Tips

Apply some oils and lemons to nails to keep them clean and shine and with good shape. Always wear rubber gloves when doing households which involve harsh chemicals. Do not use scissors for your nails whether they are infected or not. Fresh carrot juice is high in calcium so be sure to drink carrot juice every day to strengthen nails.

These are some of the ways you can take advantage of beauty supplies for nails. Make sure you really understand what each tip mean to make the most out of them.

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