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How to Make Natural Nail Strengthener – 4 Steps in Making Homemade Nail Strengthener

Nails contribute to proper good grooming that’s why women take proper care of their nails. Unfortunately there are some people who find it hard to grow their nails strong and beautiful. Their nails seem to be weak and brittle that’s why they turn to some store brand that might help them strengthen their nails. Some are expensive but still they cannot give you good results. Because of this reason, some people resort to homemade nail strengthener for healthier and stronger nails. It even costs you a lot cheaper than those bought at the stores. Here is how you can make natural nail strengthener.

Make Natural Nail Strengthener

Make Natural Nail Strengthener

Step # 1: Prepare the ingredients.

Prepare the following ingredients which you may need in making a natural nail strengthener. They are wheat germ oil (1 tsp.), castor oil (2 tsp.) and table salt (2 tsp.). You also need a bowl to mix these ingredients.

Step # 2: Mix the ingredients.

Pour all the above ingredients in a bowl. Mix them all together by stirring continuously until they are well blended. After mixing them well, pour the solution into a storage bottle. Another way of mixing the ingredients is putting them directly into a storage bottle. Shake the bottle well before every use.

Step # 3: Apply the solution.

Apply the solution onto each nail and rub in using your fingers. Allow the solution to sit in there for 5-10 minutes before wiping off. Avoid washing your hands until the solution soaks in and disappears. To have strong nails, apply the solution every day until your nails gain strength.

Step # 4: Learn about different types of nail strengthener.

There are different types of nail strengthening products you can try to protect your nails. They can be in polish types and you only have to apply them at least two times a week.

One type is protein-rich nail strengthener which contains hydrolyzed collagen. This protein content helps to protect the nails from losing moisture. This type of nail strengthener is safe for people who have allergies but to be sure of it, do a patch test before using this product.

You can try also the type of nail strengthener that contains nylon. The nylon contents bond with the nails and this is responsible for strengthening them. This is best recommended for damaged and soft nails. It is also safe for people with allergies. There is also this formaldehyde containing nail strengtheners and are said to be more powerful but it has some allergic side effects.

Nail strengthener not only moisturizes and hardens your nail but at the same time protects them from breaking and splitting. Once they become strong you have the chance to grow them long and beautiful. If your nails are weak and brittle, you must know the reason. It may be the cause of poor diet, nail bed infections, poor blood circulation or the cause of some diseases. Blood circulation to nails can be improved if you massage the nail bed every day and have a proper diet.


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