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How to Paint Nails with Pink and Black Nail Polish – 6 Easy Ways to Paint your Nails With these Colors

Manicuring your nails does not only mean being in fashion but can also be a way of expressing your moods. Nail polish is removable that’s why you can paint any color and remove it any time you like. During lighter moods, you can paint your nails with red, pink and any light shades of color. While in a darker mood, you can paint shades of navy blue or black. You can also make some arts into your nails which includes painting hearts, stars or even butterflies. You don’t need to be professional to make designs onto your nails. You can do all of these in the comfort of your home. For those who are experimenting on various looks, you can try painting your nails with pink and black nail polish.

Paint Nails with Pink and Black Nail Polish

Paint Nails with Pink and Black Nail Polish

Prepare the following first: (1) Pink nail polish; (2) Black nail polish; (3) Clear nail polish; (4) Nail file; (5) Nail buffer; and (6) Toothpick. From here, you can do the job.

Step # 1 – Preparing your Nails

With the use of a nail file, file your nails to an even and rounded finish.

Step # 2 – Create a Clean Surface

Use the nail buffer to remove ridges to create a clean surface before color application.

Step # 3 – Applying the Clear Nail polish

You need to apply first a base coat which is the clear nail polish on to your fingernails and let it dry.

Step # 4 – Application of the Pink Nail polish

It’s time to apply two coatings of the pink nail polish on every nail but be sure to dry the first coat before applying the second.

Step # 5 – Applying the Black Nail Polish

Use a toothpick to apply the black nail polish. First, you must dip the toothpick in the black nail polish and in a thin diagonal line across each nail. Other designs you can make if you are not contented with the diagonal line is a series of thin horizontal lines or a series of dots. You can still make use of the toothpick making these designs.

Step # 6 – Applying the Last Coat of Nail polish

Once the black polish is dry, apply the clear nail polish as a last coat to seal in the color.

It’s not that hard making manicure designs. Just keep on reading on these articles and you will know a lot more. You can go on and follow the trend and fashion. Others can even make a butterfly design on their nails. Choose a light base background color such as light yellow or blue. The color you should use to paint the butterfly should be darker but you can make use white to outline it. You can design it with whatever color you desire. This is one way of expressing your personality. Just be sure the color finish is desirable. That way, you can say that you have done a great job painting your nails.

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