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How to Create 4 Interesting Nail Painting Ideas

Nails, like some parts of the body, can be modified quickly fair. This does not need expensive alteration except for what you are willing to spend on nail polish and other materials used for designing nails like toothpick. You can try new and interesting nail painting ideas for quite a cute look instead of the typical one-toned nail.

Create 4 Interesting Nail Painting Ideas

Create 4 Interesting Nail Painting Ideas

Tip #1: Try the Deck of Cards

You can use a basic deck of cards to inspire you for the color of your nails. You can use red, black and white nail polish that will serve as your palette. If you don’t want your palette to clash with your different outfits, you can stick to black and white. Plainly paint your nails with white, then allow them to dry before dipping a toothpick in red or black polish and outline any of the symbols of one of the 4 card suits (heart, spade, club or diamond). With the use of the toothpick, fill in the shape with the same color. You can alternate the nail polish colors if you like or alternate the suit symbol for each nail.

Tip #2: Try Iridescence

You can try the different kinds of polish that can be purchased such as shiny coats, primers, basic opaque polishes and those that have semi-translucent, mother-of-pearl quality. The latter has a texture and has a definite look but can be used as a base coat that can shine through limitedly but in noticeable amounts. To have an iridescent look, you can combine a primer or basic opaque polish with a semi-translucent look polish. Choose polishes that can blend well together. For example, a sky blue opaque polish can go well with a semi translucent purple or green polish. You can also try an orange opaque polish with a yellow or crimson semi-translucent polish. Try to have your polish well coordinated to feature a textured appeal. You can apply a clear top coat to add more shine to your nails.

Tip #3: Try to Add Words

You can also add letters to your nails to spell out a word. First choose a color palette that fits you then apply one polish color on your nails as your base coat. Let it dry before using another color polish for writing a letter on each nail. If the brush is too thick or makes the letter vague, you can use a toothpick instead. Be sure the letters on your nails spell out a word. You can choose a 2 five-letter words or a 10-letter word. If it is less than 10 letters, you can put a design on the nails without a letter which can be either a dot or a heart.

Tip #4: Try Abstract Designs

Abstract designs feature as many colors as well as designs that you like. You can even use different base color for each nail. First apply base coat on each nail and allow it to dry before putting a design. Using your polish’s brush or your toothpick, you can make a zigzag, multiple zigzags, dots or swirls, circle or swirl on top of the nail’s base coat. You can have either the same designs on all nails or make a pattern of designs like putting polka dots on one nail, zigzag on the other and swirls on another and you can repeat the pattern accordingly. You can use any color in painting the abstract depending on what you’d prefer.

There are a number of creative nail painting ideas that you can make use of. Experiment on quality nail polish and get the different looks that you want.

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