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How to Choose a Nail Polish Color – 5 Tips to Consider To Make Your Nail Polish Standout

There are different colors to choose from for your nail polish and sometimes you find them to be confusing. What are the factors you should consider in choosing nail polish colors that will work right for you? Keep on reading this article so at the end you will know what to choose for your wardrobe.

Choose a Nail Polish Color

Choose a Nail Polish Color

Tip # 1 – Choose Based On the Event or Occasion

On different occasions, you should wear different shades of nail polish. Your choice of a nail polish color when going to school differs from the shade of your nail color when you have a job interview. You can wear a neutral shade of nail polish in a professional environment especially if you use your hands in giving a gesture. For sure you want your hands to look clean but not attention getting. A clear nail polish is good enough during an interview that is likely conservative.

For an evening party, you can wear colors that you never tried during the day. You are free to wear gold, silvers or bronzes. That depends on the jewelry you are going to use. You’ve got to match the color of your nail polish with your jewelry.

Tip # 2 – Choose Based On Skin Color

A light shade of nail polish with either pink or blue undertones is best for fair-skinned women. They also tend to look good in berry red shades of nail polish with a lighter color during the day while a more dramatic shade fits for an evening wear. If you are one who has a skin that has more olive undertones and a little bit darker, you can wear shades of russet and gold. These shades go well with olive skin. A person with dark skin can get along with any rich, deep or vibrant shade of nail polish that includes reds and purples.

Tip # 3 – Choose Based on the Color of Your Lipstick

The shades of your lipstick that make you look good, is also a good shade for your nail polish. If the russet shades of lipstick make you look fabulous, then this shade will look good also on your nails.

Tip # 4 – Choose Based On Your Wardrobe

If you can find a lot of russet or brown shades in your wardrobe then you can add these shades in your nail polish collection. Don’t use pink and purple nail polish because it will not match your wardrobe and can only destroy your look.

Tip # 5 – Choose Based on Season and Trends

During summer time, go with a lighter nail polish. You can choose from pale, translucent pinks and pale lavenders which are all appropriate for the season. You can also consider the current trend of nail polish color. If pink is in demand then you can have it.

If you are new in the world of nail polishes, you can have your manicure with a professional and can ask for some professional color advice. Another option when you choose a nail polish color is to buy inexpensive ones and experiment on them. If you find out what color is best for you then you can buy more expensive ones. Some department stores selling makeup have some promotions that include nail polish free with a purchase. This is one way of having fun in experimenting with colors. Now you can have a basis for choosing what nail polish color is best for you.

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