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4 Techniques and Tips to Paint Fingernails

Well painted fingernails can add finishing touches to your outfit whether it’s a formal wear or everyday wear. A fingernail painting technique can look better on nails with moisturized cuticles, neatly shaped nail tips and in good condition nails. Not only that, long fingernails look good with nail polish. Short fingernails also look the same. Even those nails that reach just the ends of the fingertips equally look as stylish as long nails when they are neatly applied with nail polish. You will find out how to paint fingernails and make them pretty-looking with this article.

4 Techniques and Tips to Paint Fingernails

4 Techniques and Tips to Paint Fingernails

Tip #1: Applying the Single Color

Painting your fingernail with only one color of nail polish is the most classic and traditional technique. You can apply either light or dark colors and the best effect is achieved as long as you apply it evenly and neatly. If possible, don’t let the nail polish get into your cuticles. You must place the brush about 1/8 inch away from the cuticle and push it backward towards the cuticle and stop just before you touch the skin, then draw the brush down the length of the nail.

Tip #2: Doing the French Manicure

To make your nail polish look perfectly shaped and bare, use the French manicure technique. This process of painting your fingernails makes your fingernails look as though they are not wearing any nail polish. The French manicure kit comes with strips of sticky paper that you can just stick over the base coat. This makes the process easier because it helps you paint a clean white line over the tip of your nail. You can also use the reverse French Manicure as an alternative to the normal technique. This is painting your nail with white nail polish and the tips with nude or pink nail color.

Tip #3: Putting Artwork on Nails

The more advanced nail painting techniques create patterns or pictures on the surface of the nail. First, apply polish to your nails using the single color technique to make a background for the pattern. Then use artist’s acrylic paint and fine artist’s paintbrushes to paint the patterns on your nails. You can make use of dots and stripes before doing more advanced patterns. Let the painted pattern dry thoroughly before applying a top coat of clear nail polish to seal and to protect the design.

Tip #4: Using Nail Stencils

The use of stencils for fingernail painting makes the process neat and dramatic. It also makes pretty patterns on nails fast and simple. The stick-on stencils are usually designed for single use and are available in a variety of patterns and designs like the stars and bows. Apply a base coat and let it dry before removing some of the stickiness from the stencil by pressing it against the tips of a finger a couple of times. Next is press it onto the nail where you want to place the pattern. With the use of an ordinary nail, dab color over the top of the stencil. Before the nail polish dries, peel the stencil off the fingernail, then wait for the design to dry before you apply the top coat.

All of these tips to paint fingernails can be done in about 10 minutes including correction and drying time which means you can have beautiful nails whenever you want. The secret is to experiment on some nail polish colors that will enhance the look of ordinary-looking single color techniques.

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