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A Series of Steps on How to Fix a Chip in Your Nail Polish

Having a chip in your nail polish is unavoidable. But there’s nothing to worry about because there are easy ways to fix it. These steps requires only a little of your time to patch a small area on your nail polish without the need of redoing the entire nail. Once you have gone through the steps, you will realize that it is fairly easy to fix a chip in your nail polish.Chip in Nail Polish

Step #1: Preparing what you need

Make sure you have prepared the following: nail polish remover; a nail file with a fine grit side; a nail polish with the color of your choice; a clear nail polish; and q-tips

Step #2: Filing the nails

If you have a chip from your nail polish, file it out very gently to smooth it out. You can use a file with a fine grit and make sure it’s not a coarse grit file.

Step #3: Using the Q-tip and nail polish remover

Now, dip a Q-tip in a nail polish remover and squeeze it out so that it is not soaked. You can now rub lightly the Q-tip over the chipped area and be sure to be careful so that you won’t remove too much polish. This will smooth the nail polish around the chipped area. Apply a small amount only of the nail polish to the said part affected by nail polish chipping.

Step #4: Applying the colored nail polish.

Apply also a thin coat of colored nail polish to the whole nail. Give enough time for the nail to dry and do not use a quick dry product.

Step #5: Working with the clear nail polish.

Lastly, apply a clear coat of nail polish to the entire nail. Allow it to dry completely on its own.

Alternative Steps to Fix a Chip from Nail Polish

Moisten your index fingernail on the hand that doesn’t have the chipped nail with a nail polish remover. Once the index finger is moistened with nail polish remover, rub it on the chipped area to smooth the rough edges. After rubbing, let it dry first before brushing a small amount of nail polish on the chipped area.

Allow the nail polish to dry and once it is already dry, apply a clear coat of nail polish or you can use a polish sealant to prevent chipping in the future. Remove any excess polish residue on your finger tip using a cotton ball dipped in a nail polish remover. Do not use fast-drying polishes because this will tend to chip more easily.

There are many things to bear in mind when you want to deal with nail polish chipping. Refrain from using quick dry products because they can cause the nail polish to chip. Do not use the fan for drying nail polish because it may cause air bubbles. You can use toothpaste to remove ink stains from nail polish. Acetone-based nail polish removers can dry out nails causing them to break or split so you must use acetone free nail polish removers.

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