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How to Keep Nail Polish from Chipping – 8 Tips on How to Avoid Chipping on Your Next Manicure

Everybody wants to look gorgeous and beautiful. As we grow older, our face starts aging also but not our nails. We can still make them look fresh and lovely. Some of us find it hard to maintain and keep the nail polish on all day or even for a few hours. There are ways to remedy it. Read the following tips to know how to keep nail polish from chipping.

Keep Nail Polish from Chipping

Keep Nail Polish from Chipping

Tip # 1: Buy quality products.

If your nail polish tends to chip within two hours after applying it, you need to invest in salon quality nail polish not just the grocery brand.

Tip # 2: Applying base and top coats is necessary.

In doing a manicure, always apply a base coat first before applying a colored nail polish. Apply 2 coats of colored nail polish before applying a top coat. Let every coat dry before applying the next one. Be sure to do this in every fingernail and toenail.

Tip # 3: Apply more top coats every day.

Be sure to apply another top coat every day. Better yet, use a quality nail polish whether it’s a base coat, top coat or a colored nail polish. There is the saying that says you get what you pay for. Although the quality nail polish costs more, the better result you can get.

Tip # 4: Make sure nails are thoroughly clean

Free your nails from oil since it contributes in the chipping of nail polish. You can apply nail polish remover even if your nails are polish-free to get rid of natural oils on the nail surface.

Tip # 5: Don’t apply nail polish that is too thick.

It is better to have 3-4 thin coats of polish than having 2 thick coats. Four thin coats will last longer, dry faster and cause less bubbles on your nails.

Tip # 6: Make sure to put polish on the tip.

Don’t forget to include the tip of the nail when polishing. This will protect the nail polish from chipping.

Tip # 7 – Make use of a shimmery color and apply a clear top coat.

The small shining particles let the nail polish cling to the nails better. Topcoat helps the nail polish lasts longer. The base coat can also be used as the top coat. Brush the top coat on and around the edges of the nails. This also serves as a seal against chipping.

Tip # 8: Allow enough drying time

Give your nails enough drying time. Allowing the nails to dry up to 45 minutes can do. Be sure not to hold any objects within that time. Once the drying time is over, you can submerge your nails in cold water and apply lotion. This will make the surface slippery until the nails are totally dry. For pedicures, you can wrap the toes with plastic if you are wearing close shoes other than sandals. To make your polish last longer, apply a topcoat every day.

These eight tips will definitely solve nail polish chipping problems. Remember that quality products are always best for the process if you want to prevent this plight.

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