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How to Take Care of a Chipped Toenail

Having a chipped toenail is extremely painful and has the risk of having an infection. This condition is so annoying so it is important then to know how to take care of a broken toenail to make it heal faster. Knowing the steps and methods on how to remedy a chipped toenail lessen the need for a professional medical attention. One thing more you can easily do it at the comfort of your home. You don’t even need to go out to the salon. You can take care of the problem by your own self with a few things such as nail clippers, antiseptic solution, adhesive bandages, gauze bandages and emery boards. You must also take care of a chipped toenail using the following tips.

Tip #1: Elevate your foot.

Toenails have the risk of bleeding for sometime once they are injured. In this case you must elevate your foot to stop the bleeding since this procedure will lessen the time it takes to stop bleeding.

Tip #2: Trim the broken toenail.

Take Care of a Chipped Toenail To avoid further injury, you must trim the broken toenail. Make use of clean nail clippers to cut the nail back to the edge of the injury. If you can see a piece of nail that is hanging at an angle, cut  it off to avoid having it caught with the bandage or with a sock because this will further cause injury or pain. Trimming the nail provides a better base for rinsing and treating the injury.

Tip #3: Use an antiseptic solution.

Use an antiseptic solution to rinse both the toe and the nail. Make sure to rinse it thoroughly. After which you should let them dry completely before putting a bandage on your toe. Placing the bandage when it is still wet will increase the risk of infection.

Tip #4: Use gauze bandage.

Wrap the affected toe and nail using a clean, dry gauze bandage but in case there’s no gauze available, you can use a large prepackaged and pre-taped bandage instead. Make the wrap tight enough in a way that it cannot be removed but not so tight that it presses the injured toenail.

Tip #5: Change the bandage every now and then.

Remove and change the bandage daily. Soak the toe with an antiseptic for a few minutes then allow it to dry before putting another bandage. You can stop doing this step once the toenail falls off or remains in place without any pain.

Tip #6: Take care of your feet.

Avoid wearing closed shoes. Wear open-toed shoes instead with a roomy toe box for the first few days after a toe nail injury so that the chipped nail is not being rubbed by the shoe. If ever the toe around the toenail changes its color into bright red or if it swells or is filled with pus, seek medical attention immediately.

Taking care of a chipped toenail means taking care of your foot’s needs as a whole. You better pay attention to the problem once it is there already. Do not wait until such time that it will aggravate.

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