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How to Paint Nails Organically – 3 Easy Ways to Beautify your Nails Using Organic Products

It is an easy way painting your nails using the right organic beauty products. Since these ones are free from harmful chemicals that may hurt you, organic nail care products are becoming more and more popular both online and on the stores. Just the same you can make several choices of great colors and products and even the ingredients are pure natural and organic.

Paint Nails Organically

Paint Nails Organically

You will need some things to accomplish nail painting using organic products. These are: (1) cotton balls; (2) organic nail polish; (3) nail polish remover; (4) newspaper or paper towels; and (5) credit card. From here, you can proceed to the following tips on how to paint nails organically.

Tip # 1 – Use the Newspaper

Put some newspapers or paper towels on your working area to catch up spills and prevent messes.

Tip # 2 – Prepare Your Fingers

Remove and clean old nail polish from your fingernails by using an organic nail polish remover.

Tip # 3 – Use the Nail Polish that You Want

Make a choice of your favorite color of the organic nail polish and apply it to your nails. Be patient in applying your nail polish to achieve best results. Dry your nails completely. When your nail is dry, apply a second coat. Make use of the same color. Let the second coating dry completely. This completes the procedure of manicuring your nails organically. You can apply a clear top coat to protect your nails and to prolong your manicure. Be sure not to do anything using your hands while your nail polish is not totally dry yet.

How to Make and Use an Organic Nail Polish according to Willow Sidhe

If you wish, you can also consider the following process and make your own organic nail polish according to freelance writer Willow Sidhe.

Step 1. Put a small amount of Henna powder in a small bowl and add warm water to make a thin paste. This serves as your organic nail polish. Make sure the consistency should be thin enough that it could be spread with a nail polish brush but not too watery.

Step 2. You can now apply the homemade nail polish to your nails using a clean nail polish brush. Be careful enough not to put some in your skin although it can fade faster than when in your nails. After applying it to your nails, let it dry under the sun or you can use a nail dryer or dry near a small fan.

Step 3. Once the organic nail polish is completely dry, you can rinse them using tap water. You can see that the result will be a soft pink color that will not chip. Since the color will slowly fade with time, you can do the procedure again if necessary.

Step 4. Don’t keep any remaining organic nail polish after every use since henna loses its active properties after mixing and once exposed to the air for a period of time. Make a new one for your next application.

The result of using organic nail polish for nail painting is a gorgeous non-chipping natural nail color that is both eco-friendly and very safe for the body. Why not try this new trend in nail painting then?

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