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How to Paint Checkered Nails – 6 Steps to Make a Checkered Nail Design

There are a lot of trends regarding nail painting as of today. Some designs make teen girls, young women and even Hollywood stars crazy over these nail painting options. One of them is a nail painted that resemble a checkerboard. Girls can go to a local nail salon for this design and they can also do the process by themselves at home. This design which is considered as a punk rock style is easier to do than how it looks. Here is how you can paint checkered nails.

Paint Checkered Nails

Paint Checkered Nails

Step # 1: Apply base coat.

Apply one coat of a nail polish use as base. Allow the nail polish to dry thoroughly. Drying time depends on the quality of the nail polish. An average regular base coat takes about five minutes to dry.

Step # 2: Apply the nail polish of your choice.

Apply two coats of the nail color polish of your choice. Let the nail polish dry. An average regular nail polish takes 15 minutes as drying time. A fast drying polish will take less time to dry.

Step # 3: Use a nail polish pen to draw checkered nails.

With the use of the nail polish pen, draw 3 horizontal lines and 3 vertical lines on your nails.

Step # 4: Create the design.

Fill in the alternate boxes using the nail polish pen to create the check board pattern. Let it dry. It takes 5 minutes for the regular nail polish to dry.

Step # 5: Apply top coat.

When the nail polish had thoroughly dry, apply one coat of the clear top coat. Allow to dry. It takes around 10 minutes to dry completely.

Step # 6: Try an alternative.

Apply a base coat if you have any but you can skip this step if you do not have it. Let the base dry completely before painting your entire nail with the color of your choice. Apply the topcoat if you have any. This will help prevent chipping of the nail color polish.Use a Sharpie or a Migi nail pen to draw the checkers. Sharpie is more preferred because it is easier to use.

Choose a fine point sharpie. The fat ones don’t work well unless they are brand new. Allow the nail color to dry completely before you begin to draw the checks. If it is still wet, both your sharpie and nails will be ruined. Ask someone’s help to do your other hand unless you are skillful enough to use both hands. You can practice drawing checkers using the marker on paper to get an idea of how big you make checker on your nails.

In case the marker wears off before the rest of the nail polish, just retouch the marker. Sharpie is permanent so be careful in using it. Try using black and white first for the checkers. It’s easier to use them.

These are steps that will help you enjoy nail painting. Add to that interest is the checkered nail design you can make use of. Consider all basic options and alternatives in creating this design.

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