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How to Use Nail Pens on Nails with 6 Design Options to Choose From

Fingernails can tell a lot about one’s personality. A person who prefers a simple and natural life has natural, buffed unpolished nails while a person who is adventurous in nature prefers decorated and bold designs. Nail pens are effective tools that can do a lot of cool ways on your nails. They are easier to manipulate compared to nail polish brushes that are usually used for nail painting. Here are some designs that can be done easily with the use of nail pens on nails.

Use Nail Pens on Nails

Use Nail Pens on Nails

Tip #1: Try the ‘Stars’

Nail pen can do star designs easily. First apply base coat onto the nails using a white nail polish or pale blue. You can use any color but make sure that the base color is lighter than the nail pen color used to draw the stars. After drawing small stars over the nails, fill them in with color. You can also draw outline of the stars only without filling them with color. Just leave the star transparent.

Tip #2: Try ‘Polka Dots’

Drawing polka dots using the nail pen is another cool and trendy look. You can paint the nails in vibrant colors like bright pink or red. Then draw black polka dots on top of it using the nail pen. If you want lighter and more subtle looking nails, you can paint the nails in a pale shade of green or blue then decorate it with white polka dots using the nail pen.

Tip #3: Try the ‘Zebra’

A zebra patterned nail takes nails to the wild side. A traditional zebra print combines black and white, but if you want a twist why not try a color combination using hot pink and black or coral and black. Begin painting the fingernails with either pink or coral as the base coat. Let it dry before drawing zebra stripes using the black nail pen.

Tip #4: Try the ‘Stripes’

A modern and stylish nail design is a striped nail. It can be a good option to use 3 or 4 different colors of nail pens such as khaki, olive green or beige. After putting the base coat with the color of your choice, draw vertical stripes with the same width. If you prefer a bolder look, you can use bright blue, light blue and mint green nail pens.

Tip #5: Try the ‘Flowers’

You can make a flower using nail polish dots. First, create a single dot as the center of the flower, using yellow or white polish. Surround the center dot with five dots which serves as the flower petals. Paint a single dot of green next to one of the flower petal dots and set the nib in the center of the green dot and pull away from the flower to create a leaf.

Tip #6: Try the ‘Holiday Symbols’

The nail pen works like an ink pen so you can draw any design with it like holiday symbols such as heart, pumpkin and witch’s hat. Allow the base color to dry first before you create designs on top of it.

There are indeed many uses of nail pens for nail painting purposes. Consider the flowers, holiday symbols, polka dots, stars, zebras and stripes. If you want, you can also use it to create other great works of art for your nails.

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