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8 Essential Steps on How to Take Off Claire’s Glue-on Nail Kit

Glue-on nail kits are considered the fastest means to acquiring beautiful or attractive nails. You can attach this glue-on nail kit that is pre-painted as well as designed in acrylic on top of the natural nails to provide an immediate array of complete and ornamented nails. Taking away the glue-on nail kit as soon as they start to fade or fall off is not a complicated task. However, it can be a little bit of a slow process especially if your do not want to injure your innate nail. Taking off specifically the Claire’s glue-on nail kit will require the correct set of instruments.

Take Off Claire’s Glue-on Nail Kit

Take Off Claire’s Glue-on Nail Kit

Step 1: Prepare your materials.

Taking off the glue-on nail kit is a moderately easy task. You only need to prepare the things required. You will need items such as two glass bowls or saucers, petroleum jelly, antibacterial liquid soap, orange sticks, acetone nail polish remover, paper towel, 180-grit nail file, 100-grit nail file and nail buffer.

Step 2: Smoothen your nails.

Smooth out your nails to cut down the segment of the nail you are going to remove. This will make your task trouble-free. In some cases, a few of the nail glue might loosen throughout the procedure. However, if they tend to raise or elevate, tenderly pluck to observe if the nail will go off without plucking the exterior of the nail. Once it plucks, let it remain for some time.

Step 3: Make a solution.

Fill in one of the glass container with tepid water then add antibacterial liquid soap. Immerse your fingers into the prepared mixture for approximately five minutes. As soon as you had dried your hands, examine each of your nails to observe if the glue-on nail had loosen out wherein you can already take them away without destroying your natural nail. A number of glue-on nail kits can be taken away effortlessly.

Step 4: Push your cuticles.

Shove your cuticle back cautiously using an orange stick to unfasten them from your natural nail and to allow the glue to fall off on the part of the nail bed. This process will assist you not to destroy the cuticle as you work on removing the glue-on nail. The orange stick will also help shove away any remains of glue.

Step 5: Use acetone and petroleum jelly.

Dispense and acetone nail polish in the remaining bowl for approximately one inch deep. Layer the skin in the region of your nails with petroleum jelly to shield it from the acetone. Let the petroleum jelly stay on your nails for approximately 10 minutes prior to putting your fingers within the bowl with acetone. Make sure that the acetone will wrap all your nails.

Step 6: Remove your fingers from the solution.

Take away your fingers as soon as the time is over then dry them using a paper towel. Utilize the orange stick to push several of the wobbly nails as well as to scuff off the glue that has been detached. You must scrub away a great deal of the remaining stuff as achievable. The acetone will help dissolve the nails and eliminate the glue in a simpler way.

Step 7: Use acetone again.

Do the acetone bathing of your fingernails once again especially if there are remains of glue-on. Once you are sure that there are no more residues of glue on your nails, you can already rinse your hands with water then dry.

Step 8: Make some finishing touches.

As soon as you had already cleansed your nails, smooth out the glue ridges tenderly by using a 180-grit file so as not to destroy the nail bed. Smooth it out again using a 100-grit file then end the process by buffing your nails to even out as well as make the surface of your nails shinier.

There are essential steps to consider when it comes to removing the Claire’s glue-on nail kit. You can also make a research on other things that will help you in the process.

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