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How to Treat Nail Fungus Externally – 8 Tips to Fight the Problem from the Outside

Nail fungus can cause further infections if not treated immediately. It’s not hard to treat a nail fungus infection with the right method. There are many ways to stop this disease and one is treating nail fungus externally. This is best recommended to pregnant women and those patients who cannot take oral nail fungus medications because of allergies or potential drug interactions with other medications that they are taking at present. Here is how to treat nail fungus externally.

Treat Nail Fungus Externally

Treat Nail Fungus Externally

Tip # 1: Look at oral medications and why you should not use them.

Lamisil which is an example of an oral medication causes birth defects especially in the first trimester of pregnancy. Other side effects of oral medications are heart and liver problems. So if you are having nail fungus, you can talk to your doctor for some external nail fungus treatments using topical medications and home remedies or natural medication.

Tip # 2: Consider other options and prepare them.

Prepare the things you will need such as lotion that contains urea, antifungal lacquer, antifungal cream, vinegar, Vicks VapoRub, Q-tip, Witch Hazel Extract and a plastic tub or bowl.

Tip # 3: Buy an antifungal medication.

Buy a topical antifungal medication at any drug store. Antifungal medications can work best when applied with lotion that contains urea. This will help the skin to absorb the medication properly.

Tip # 4: Ask for prescription.

Ask your doctor to prescribe antifungal lacquer which contains ciclopirox. This drug can help clear the fungal infection. The daily use of an antifungal lacquer for a year has been shown to clear some nail infections. This is according to Mayo Clinic.

Tip # 5: Use vinegar to treat nail fungus externally.

Vinegar also is said to help clear nail fungus. Mix one part vinegar with two parts water in a plastic tub or bowl. After mixing, soak your feet into the mixture for around 15 to 20 minutes. Do this daily to help clear nail fungus. Although this method is not scientifically proven to treat nail fungus infection, vinegar for sure can help kill certain bacteria. After treating your hands or your feet with vinegar, apply lotion to avoid drying of the skin.

Tip # 6: Use Vicks Vaporub.

Rubbing Vicks VapoRub on your nails 1 to 3 times daily will help clear fungal infections. Get a small amount of it and apply on your nail and rub into the surrounding skin.

Tip # 7: Use witch hazel extract.

You can also apply Witch Hazel Extract to the infected nails using a Q-tip. Do this once a day preferably at night before bedtime so it can be absorbed by the nails or the affected area thoroughly. You can wear gloves on your hands to prevent it from getting on your sheets. Be sure you use that let the hands breathe properly.

Tip # 8: Wear gloves.

You must wear gloves when doing household chores especially when using products with chemicals. This is to protect your nails from fungus by preventing direct contact with them.

Hygiene is an important factor to consider when treating nail fungus externally. Add to that, you need to be reminded to ask help from your podiatrist as well. Put these altogether and you will have healthier toenails and fingernails.


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