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How to Paint Giraffe Nail Designs- 5 Steps to Follow to Have a Giraffe Design on your Nails

A nail polish is being put on finger nails not only to protect them but also as a decoration. Some people add designs to their nails not only to beautify them but to express themselves. One of the designs that are commonly used is the giraffe nail design. Following the steps mentioned below and by the use of some common supplies, will let you create giraffe nail designs on your freshly manicured nails. Prepare brown nail polish, yellow nail polish, clear nail polish, paint brush, pin point brush and nail polish remover.

Paint Giraffe Nail Designs

Paint Giraffe Nail Designs

Step # 1: Paint base coat on your nails.

Paint a yellow base coat on each nail. Let the base coat dry for around 2 minutes. You can dry your fingernails in front of a fan to make the process fast.

Step # 2: Use the brown nail polish.

As soon as the base coat is dry, dip the paint brush into the brown nail polish. Put 3-4 dots in every nail. This brown spots on top of the yellow polish will look like the giraffe fur. Use the nail polish remover to clean the tip of the brush.

Step # 3: Make small and large dots.

Use the pinpoint brush to make smaller dots around the larger dots. Dip it into the brown nail polish and make 5-7 smaller dots. Be sure not to overload the nail with dots. Make some differences for the pattern since every giraffe has a unique pattern. Avoid uniformity. Let the spots to fully dry for about 5 minutes to avoid smear.

Step # 4: Put clear nail polish.

Put a clear nail polish that serves as a top coat and to smooth every nail creating a uniform finish. This also prevents the design from chipping.

Step # 5: Consider other ways of creating the giraffe figure.

It is basically alright to experiment in here. The technique is to paint giraffe nail designs on your nails and make sure it looks very impressive. Aside from the steps provided above, you can consider what is included in this section.

Apply a base coat on each finger nail. You can choose pastel colors like pale pink, baby blue or lavender. This color works well since it contrasts with yellow which is used to paint the giraffe. Let the base coat dry for approximately 2 minutes. Dip the paint brush into the yellow nail polish. Put a circular dot at the middle of each nail as the head of the giraffe. From there, move down the brush toward the cuticle line to create the neck of the giraffe.

At the bottom of each nail, make a half circle that serves as the body of the giraffe. Use the pinpoint brush to make a small line on each side of the head that serves as the giraffe’s ears. Apply a clear top coat on the surface of each nail when the giraffe design is completely dry to finish the procedure.

Remember to keep a cotton swab soaked in nail polish remover beside you to easily correct any error you’ve made during the process. That way your giraffe nail designs will look perfect.

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