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How to Paint Dots on Your Toenails – 6 Steps in Achieving this Nail Design

People sometimes get tired of that plain color nail polish. That’s where this nail art comes into existence. Doing your own pedicure at home is a good way to stay stylish and save you some money. Besides adding a solid color, you can also add some designs. Painting dots on your toenails changes the nail’s look into a better one. This only takes a simple process but you need to practice first on a piece of paper beforehand to make sure you can create the size you want on your toenails. Here are some tips to paint dots on your toenails and once you get the technique, you can add style on your toes in just a few minutes.

Paint Dots on Your Toenails

Paint Dots on Your Toenails

Step # 1: Prepare your materials.

You need 2-3 nail color polish, clear coat nail polish, nail polish remover, paper towel, news paper, Q-tips, and bobby pin. As soon as you have all of these you can begin with the pedicure.

Step # 2: Prepare your toenails.

You can start by removing old nail polish then proceed to cleaning the toenails. Gently push back cuticles but never cut them. Trim your toenails to desired length and file them to shape them according to your liking. Later you can buff the toenails to make them smooth.

Step # 3: Apply a base coat color nail polish.

This will give your nail designs a better and more vibrant look. Let it dry completely before proceeding.

Step # 4: Prepare the bobby pin.

Grab the bobby pin on both ends and bend them in opposite directions to straighten it out. If you do not have a bobby pin you may use toothpick also.

Step # 5: Create the dots.

With the use of the toothpick or the bobby pin, dip one end into the nail polish color of your choice for painting the dots. Sometimes you can’t avoid getting too much paint onto the bobby pin. It is recommended then to use a paper towel where you can drop a small amount of the nail polish using the polish brush. This is where you will dip the end of the bobby pin. This will help you control the amount of nail polish you get.

Dab the tip of the bobby pin where there is nail polish onto your nails lightly to create a dot. Continue doing the process until your nail is full of dots as desired. You can use 2 different nail polish colors for the dots if you like. Apply half of the dots with nail polish color number 1 and half of it with the other color.

Step # 6: Apply topcoat layer.

After all the dots are dry, you should apply clear top coat onto the nails. You can put 2 layers of it not only to make the polish look shinier but to protect the dots and make them stay longer. Have a nail polisher remover around to correct any mistake in the pedicure. Prepare a newspaper also in case you mess up.

These are steps that will help you paint dots on toenails. You have to gather all the materials you need in order to make the process successful. It may take time to complete the process but it will be well worth every effort you exert.


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