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How to Create Spider Web on Nails with 6 Steps

There are lots of women who want to put in intricate designs on their fingernails. They spend money to pay experts for complex nail designs that will make their fingernails more attractive to look at. On the other hand, you do not have to spend money for these intricate designs. You can do them by yourselves by means of little practice. One of the nail designs that you must practice to apply is the spider web, which will enhance your costume during Halloween season. Once you had mastered practicing the process of creating spider web on your nails, it will be easier for you to do the work without the aid of an expert. Bear in mind that constant practice makes everything perfect and this is the same thing that is embodied behind “how to create spider web on nails.”

Create Spider Web on Nails

Create Spider Web on Nails

Step 1: Preparation

It is important to gather all the materials first prior to creating the spider web on your nails. You will need items like colored nail polish, fine brush, acetone and clear nail polish.

Step 2: Base

The initial thing you need to do is to cover your nails with a base color. Select a hue that is prominent to enhance the spider web. Let the base hue dry first before adding another coating, if there is still a need for second or third coating.

Step 3: Using the Brush and the Color

Immerse the fine brush into the color you will use for the web. You will only need a slight coating of nail polish for the web design. It would be better if you have a scroll brush because it is an excellent type of brush for web designing.

Step 4: Drawing.

Draw a vertical line downward your nail then make two lines that cross over the first line in the center, making six uniform spines. It will be excellent to begin with your thumb. Draw an arched column from one spine subsequently, beginning near the center then gradually curving towards the outside. The column must twist toward the inside in the direction of the center of the spines. Make sure not to create the columns extremely opaque or near each other. Continue doing the design until you arrive at the topmost of the spines and make a column that flows from the peak of each one to create a total, spherical web. Repeat what you have done to your thumb for your other fingernails.

Step 5: Rinsing

Rinse the brush with acetone as soon as you had finished doing the design to prevent damaging it. Make sure not to place your nails in the cleaner so that the design will not be ruined. You can dispense a little quantity of acetone in a small container then dip in the brush into it so that your fingernails will not be touching the solution during the cleaning process.

Step 6: Drying

Make sure that you nails are totally dry before putting on a coating of clear topcoat. Allow the topcoat to dry totally as well prior to touching anything so as not to destroy the design you had created on your nails.

Creating spider web on nails is such a fun thing to do. With a little help from the basics and of course the steps provided herein, you will have an intricate design that you have always wanted.

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